Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WEEK 9 – July 22 – July 28, 2010 – 8 weeks old

I giggled! Yessirree bob, I did. My Daddy, he makes some FUNNY faces. So, I giggled. What a cool giggle I have too! I’m also beginning to recognize new items, like my bottle. I open my mouth when I see it, just like a big girl. Mommy and Daddy are so impressed!

In other news, we spent a lot of time with Mommy’s work people this week. Mommy actually WENT TO WORK for a full 3 hours this week to a meeting. She got dressed up in big girl clothes and everything! Sissy stayed home and watched me (I love my Sissy – have I mentioned that?!). Mommy said it was fun and all to get her thinking cap on, but she missed me a lot – she wouldn’t put me down when she got home!
I also went to my first golf course this week. Mommy’s work folks were having a big tournament and I went and got to meet about 50 people! They all held me and talked about how cute I was…I’m getting the feeling that’s what big people do! (But I am awful cute…just ask my Mommy or my Uncle Douglas – he says that in response to all my pictures!!! :))

I had my two-month birthday this week as well and got to go visit Dr. Patulot. While I like Dr. Patulot very much, I’m not fond of her penchant for shots. I had to get 4 shots and an oral medication. I was VERY unhappy with the shots, but I think Mommy was as unhappy, if not moreso…she cried too! On the positive side, I was 10 lb, 11 oz! I am what Mommy calls a “hefty mefty” and what Daddy calls a “chunky monkey.” In either case, I guess they shouldn’t have gotten so worked up about my weight in the beginning…I’m doing JUST FINE! :)

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