Friday, October 28, 2011

Daily life and LOTS of pictures...October 22 - 27, 2011

Kaetlyn's Thoughts
At school this week, my teacher, Mrs. Linda was out, and I really missed her.  As a result, I was full of mischief!  We spent a lot of time prepping for our trip to Hawaii, and not a lot of time playing...this trip better present lots of opportunities to play because I'm READY!

We had a visit this weekend from Ms. Holly and my friend Kayla and her sister Ava.  Kayla wasn't feeling so well, and we didn't get any pictures of her :(  However, Ava played with me a lot and it was nice to play with a "big kid"...
Ava and Kaetlyn in the "big girl" rocking chairs...
Fascinated with Ava...

Tomorrow we leave for our big trip, so I'll have LOTS to tell you when we get back!

Grace's Perspective
I spent a lot of time exercising this week.  Mommy says I need to spend more time doing "tummy time".  I like "tummy time"...I like to sleep like that!  So, Mommy devised a torture device - "boppy time"
Hey...what IS this?
This is kinda fun...
How much longer, Mom?

I also got to meet Mommy's friend Ms. Eileen this week.  She came up from California to visit us.  She's really really nice!

Eileen and Gracie

Mommy's Perspective
We had a photo shoot two weeks ago with both our girls.  My friend, Jen Minnich, whose wedding Kaetlyn was in in August, is a budding professional photographer and we are so grateful she wanted to use our girls as models!  There were so many good shots, but both Kaety and Gracie asked that we share some of the best ones here... THANKS JEN!!!
Two peas in a pod...err..a rocker...
Sweet, smiling Kaet
Giggly girl
Girl with Attitude!
Happy Kaetlyn
Crooked Smile Gracie
Pretty Baby...
All wrapped up...
Sisters (and nice touches!!! :) )
Thanks for checking in on us...we're off on a grand adventure...wish us luck on the plane (I'm terribly nervous!).  We'll have lots to report on next week! :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More signing, meeting people, smiles... - October 15 - 21, 2011

Sitting in my "new" rocking chair
(it was Mommy's when she was my age!)
Kaetlyn's Thoughts:
We've had a really busy week.  I've been displaying my spunk and "crazy toddler" skills as well as have been demonstrating lots more signing for Mommy and Daddy.

I am ALL OVER the place these days.  I LOOOVE to climb on things and up into chairs and UP slides (not necessarily down).  Mommy and Daddy are seriously working on "Kaety-proofing" the house - not just the cabinets, but pretty much everywhere because that's where I am...EVERYWHERE.  Fortunately, I have a LOT of toys that enable me to expend my energy...

Watch me and my bouncy zebra!

Now, this is the way to expend some energy...

This is what happens when you "expend energy" too fast... (plus Mommy thinks my heiny looks cute in these pants :))
I loooove to talk - all the time - day in and out, and even in my sleep.  It's even better if I can look at myself in the mirror while doing so...

I've been expanding more and more with my signing in addition to my constant chatter; however, I'm not a big fan of doing it in front of the video camera.  Daddy and Mommy managed to sneak some video...

At school, I've been into everything just as much here at home.  We've had SO MANY activities that help me expend my energy and learn new things!  Fortunately, Mrs. Linda and Miss Erin document my activities and my ability to be a ham for the camera...
Learning about Halloween at the sensory table...
Me and my "boyfriend", Ishaan

Did I mention I like mirrors?  Wearing my "spider hat" at school.

"Painting" with spiders...I like the taste of paint...don't tell Mommy!

Continuing to demonstrate my skill at shoe removal on the playground...
Daddy and Mommy decided this past week that we should start to work on me getting myself to sleep without a bottle or rocking with them in my chair.  Boy, did they pick the wrong week.  As a result, I have been a bit of a "stinker" when going to sleep and Mommy and Daddy realized that maybe I'm just not ready to wean off my night-night bottle.  After a couple of days of a lot of disorderly conduct, they discovered...ANOTHER TOOTH!  That's right.  I've got 1.25 teeth now!  Cutting those teeth is REALLY hard and I don't enjoy it much (neither does my Mom).  That said, I'm still not gonna give up my night-night bottle.  Not gonna do it!  At least I'm getting really good about brushing my teeth at night :)

Me and my toothbrush - I LOOOOVE to brush my teeth! :)

Grace's Perspective:
This week, I found my smile...AND I like to talk!  I have started trying to tell Mom what life's about by saying things.  She doesn't really get what I'm saying, but she sure does seem to enjoy listening to me.  I'll have her get video soon!  In the meantime, check out my smiling on cue...aren't I a protege!?

In other news, I got to meet a lot of new people this past week!  Mommy and I went to lunch with Ms. Emily and her daughter, Annabelle.  We had a really nice time and I loved being held by Ms. Emily!  I also went to lucnh twice with my Auntie Rachel and my friend, Ava, who is my Mommy and Daddy's Goddaughter and who is only 10 days younger than me!!!  We had VERY long lunches, and they were AWESOME! 

Finally, I got to meet a lot of Mommy's friends at her work.  Mommy's office had a LOT of babies around when I was born...there was me, then Cora Marie (middle), then Ava (with Auntie Rachel).  We all went in for an after-work fun event and got our pictures taken.  Look at how cute we all are!
Rachel & Ava, AJ & Cora, Mommy & Gracie
I have been a little fussy this week. I really just am not a fan of bottles (though Big Sis Kaety is, I am not!) and Mommy and Daddy have been working on getting me to take one for when Mommy goes back to work in a few weeks.  So, I get upset and sometimes inconsolable.  Really, the thing that works the best to make me feel better is for Mommy or Daddy to hold me. 
Daddy discussing life with Grace

Mom says that holding me all the time makes it hard to get things done.  SO, she's taken to "wearing" me around the house to do things like vacuuming, cooking, dusting, etc.  Daddy caught us in the act this week...
Mommy and Gracie getting ready to cook dinner
I'm looking forward to the coming week...we're going to be prepping for my first airplane trip to Hawaii!!!  Until then, Kaety and I say, "HAVE A GREAT WEEK!" :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Visiting with Sissy, Signing Time! - October 8 - 14, 2011

Kaetlyn's Thoughts

I've had a really, really great week.  I was playing like crazy AND my Sissy came to see us this past weekend!  (She is my favorite person in the world.  Truly.  She is!)

I have been working hard on milestones this week and playing hard!  I've found the dog bed in the dining room and I LOVE TO PLAY IN IT!  Mommy and Daddy cannot figure out why, but basically, it's like a kids' couch.  Who wouldn't want that?!

Look at this "Kid's Couch"...Stylin' isn't it?  (I chased Kaia out before this picture!)

Isn't this funny!?!  I am SUCH a ham!
As part of my forays into playing in the dogs' bed, as well as to help Mommy and Daddy scold the dogs or call them to go outside, I've said my first words!  They are (are you ready for this?!)... "KAIA!"  "ELLIOTT!"  Mommy says it sounds like "Aya, Ehyyahd", but it's pretty distinct if you ask me.  And I like to say that, then follow it with some serious scolding and finger pointing.  Mommy thinks maybe she and Daddy have scolded or called to the dogs a wee bit too much because I'm definitely emulating them!  She's going to try to get some video in the next week or two.  It's quite funny.

Speaking of "talking", I'm really starting to get the hang of this signing thing.  Ms. Erin was VERY impressed at therapy this week when I said, "More Eat" and signed "Baby", then picked up my baby doll!
Signing "More"

I've been working on walking a lot, both on my own and going for a stroll with my dogs and my Baby Sister Grace and my parents.  I LOVE to go out for walks...

Happiest Girl on Earth!
I've also been practicing walking on my own and I have to tell you, I took several steps multiple times ON MY OWN!  Mommy and Daddy have started to play the "Walk to Mommy; Walk to Daddy" game with me and I'm REALLY getting good at it.  I can go 2-3 steps on my own (though I'm not even really aware of doing it!).

The most important thing that happened this week was that my Sissy came home to see me.  We had SUCH fun playing.  She really is the best person on Earth and I love her lots and lots and lots. I wasn't entirely thrilled with the fact that she played with Baby Sister Grace as well, but I guess I'm going to have to learn to share... 

Sissy and me...she loves me :)


Grace's Perspective

Well, the big news this week is...I LOVE TO SMILE!  Early in the week, I decided to shower my smiles (and even a giggle or two) upon Mommy and Daddy and they think that I am pretty spectacular because of it!  I find lots of things worth smiling about:  Mommy looking at me, Daddy kissing my nose, my Big Sister Kaet patting my head.  It's all new and exciting and I have a FANTASTIC smile!

Though I like to smile, I still like to sleep...A LOT.  Unfortunately for Mommy and Daddy, most of my sleeping seems to be during the day, but I'm really trying to sleep at night.  It's just so FUN to be up!
Asleep on Mommy - mid-day!
Unfortunately for Mommy and Daddy (and me!), it looks like I'm going to have some of the same urpage problems my Big Sister Kaet has, as I don't like to burp, but that makes me urp a bit.  So, bathing every night *may* become a part of life. For now, I get a bath every-other night.  I generally like my baths, and I am pretty calm afterward, which is nice for my parents!

I met some really nice folks this week.  My Auntie Jen came and took pictures of me and Big Sister Kaetlyn...we'll hope to share those in the coming weeks.  Also, I FINALLY met my cousins, Heather and Paul.  They are really, really nice and very snuggly!

Heather and Gracie
And most importantly this week, Sissy came to visit.  She is wonderful and beautiful and I can't wait to get to know her better!!!

Sissy and me

Monday, October 10, 2011

Playing fun and Puget Sound Buddy Walk 2011 - October 1 - 7, 2011

Kaetlyn's Thoughts...
We've had a busy, busy week of playing and learning new things.  I started playing with my chair in our family room, which is really fun because I can climb on it, then climb on other things (which doesn't make my Mommy really happy!)  Also, we've been trying some new things at bathtime - I get to sit under a really cool water feature in our shower to get my hair nice and clean...

WOO HOO!  Shower fun!
I have also gotten to enjoy a post-bathtime ritual where I get to have my hair blown's like a salon every night!  Daddy decided it was better for me not to go to bed with a wet head, as we head into the fall/winter season, so I get treated to a salon experience every night!  It's really fun, as I love the air on my face and I also love to look at myself in the mirror (who doesn't, really!?) :)

This past week, I've also gotten pretty into watching Sesame Street...I enjoy it a LOT.  I really like Elmo and Big Bird - they are funny!

Elmo is my favorite!

I have been especially helpful with Baby Sister Grace this week.  Whenever she cries, I make sure to go over to her bassinet to let my Mommy and Daddy know that she needs attention...

This week was the annual Puget Sound Buddy Walk.  Mommy, Daddy, Baby Sister Grace and I all went to walk.  I didn't have time to raise funds like I did last year, so next year I'll have to be especially diligent about it!

HI!  From the Buddy Walk.  Me and Daddy...

Walkers around Seattle Center.

The touch my pointer finger game...

Gracie and me at the walk...
Grace's Perspective:
As a baby, my right is to sleep.  And I do, I sleep...a LOT.  However, this week, I started to open my eyes a little more and my Mommy and Daddy really are enjoying that! 

Hangin' with my Daddy...
Mommy and Daddy have been getting me to work out in my waking hours.  I have a really neat jungle gym to play in, and I like to play the "kick and punch" game in my bassinet...

Me in my jungle's colorful isn't it?!
Mommy and Daddy are hoping for more awake hours...during the DAYTIME in the coming weeks, but I can't imagine why...!