Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pictures, Pictures, and MORE pictures!!! - December 10-16, 2011

Kaetlyn's Thoughts
The best thing that happened this week was that my Sissy was home!  And it was a good thing, too, because my Mommy had to work late three nights this week and Sissy was able to help Daddy take care of me and Baby Sister Grace.  I really love my Sissy.  She's pretty much my favorite person EVER.

In school, we played dress up and I got to wear a REAL Santa hat (it was on loan to Mrs. Linda from the big guy).  I thought dressing up was a LOT of fun! :)
Bein' silly while borrowing the big red guy's hat!
We have lots of visitors coming next week, including my Uncles and my Grammy and Grampa Ward.  I can't wait!

Grace's Perspective
My big news this week is that I'm *really* trying to sit up by myself.  Mommy says I have STRONG stomach muscles.  I can sit in the boppy and hang out for several minutes!

Yeah.  That's right...buildin' my core...

Also, I love my Sissy.  I got to spend some really good quality time with her this week while she was here.  I love her.  She makes me smile!
Sissy and Gracie by the tree

We've had two major photo sessions in the last week. We got to have Ms. Nathania (from Bella Baby) come to our house and take our Christmas pictures AND we got to have Aunt Jen (Jen Minnich Photography) take our pictures one (really cold) morning! We decided to share a few of our favorites from both shoots...

Aunt Jen's Pictures:
Kaety, Daddy, Mommy and Gracie
Mischief and mayhem at the park...

Gracie was not a fan of the hat over her eyes!
Apparently, neither was Kaet...helping Gracie out with the hat?!!!
Mommy, it's cold!
Kaetlyn LOOOOVES to walk!
Mommy love....
Kaetlyn...poised for takeoff!
Silly Daddy!

Ms. Nathania's Pictures:
Gracie's trademark grin


This is FUN!!!!

Mommy thinks I'm beautiful...

What's going on, Daddy?

Now, there's trouble!

Gracie deep in thought.

What's wrong with my little sister?!?!

Pacifiers ROCK!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Straws, Bottles, Coloring and Life.... November 26-December 9, 2011

Kaetlyn's Thought's
We've had a LONG two weeks.  Mom's been busy at work and Baby Sister Grace and I have been sick (we've been to see Dr. P FOUR times in the last two weeks!  Mommy says...<SIGH>).

On the positive side, I seem to be *mostly* better, and Mommy says Baby Sister Grace is "coming along"...

The big news in the last two weeks for me is...BUSY.  BUSY BUSY BUSY.  I have MASTERED the art of walking and am trying to run, pick things up off the floor (dog hair!) and generally get in everyone's business.

Here's an example of my bein' busy...we had pictures taken from Ms. Nathania this past week.  Afterward, Daddy tried to take some other pictures.  I couldn't sit still!
See me?  I'm the blur!
And here's the face when I am MADE to sit still!
No, Mommy!  This is NOT fun!
When I've been playing, here's what our family room looks like...Daddy says, "Hurricane Kaet has been here!"

Other things I've learned in the last two weeks include:

- Straw drinkin':  this was a two-month goal at my last feeding therapy.  Yeah.  I've got that. :)

- Colorin':  Mommy wasn't sure how this would work out, because in the past, I've mostly really wanted to eat the crayons.  Recently, I have a much different outlook...I like to see the colors on the page.  I think it's fun to color!  I have a unique way of coloring, using BOTH hands.  I can make TWICE the colors, isn't that cool?  (And I like to offer the crayons to the dogs to eat, but who cares, right?!)

- Sittin' with my Friends:  I've gotten very good at school about sitting to wait to go back into our classroom with my friends.  They're all so shocked that I am walking everywhere that they will sit nicely by my side.  Mrs. Linda thinks that's pretty nice!
Peyton, Ashwin and Kaet patiently (?) wait...
- Playin' with Baby Sister Grace:  I don't really love when Mommy spends time with BSG; however, I'm starting to "get it".  I like to come up to her and hug her while Mommy is feeding her.  I am also very interested in talking with her when she's trying to practice head control, tummy time and sitting.  In fact, at school, I've decided I really like the Baby Wet and Play.  She's awesome.  At home, I practice putting diapers on my baby dolls while Mommy is changing Gracie.  Mommy and Daddy think that's pretty cute! :)
Showin' my sippy to BSG...
See my baby?
Loving my baby...I can do this with Baby Sister Grace, Mom...I promise! ;)
- Puttin' toys in a peg board:  This is really good Fine Motor work.  Ms. Colleen thinks I'm doing really well in this area.  I just think it's good ole' fun! :)

And here's just a picture of me being curious that Mommy thinks is cool!

Gracie's Perspective:
I have not been feeling well the last two weeks.  I do NOT like having a cold. And also, I'm having troubles pooping.  Mommy can't believe she got two kids with problems in that area!

Despite my not feeling well, Mommy and Daddy are still making me do my "exercises" and work on tummy time and sitting up.  My friend, Ava, at school is already rolling over, and Big Sister Kaet was already rolling over at this point.  Mommy says she's too soft on me 'cuz I'm the last baby.  I don't think she's too soft! :)

That said, I'm excelling in certain areas...I like to hold my own bottle a little...

And I'm doing great at working on sitting....
Don't know if you can tell, but my eyes are starting to change...Mommy and Daddy think they are going to be green or hazel.

Sittin' on the couch...look at me rockin' it!

And, well, I excel at sleeping!  I can sleep up to 7 hours at a time at night!!!  Big Sister Kaet never did that...Mommy thinks that's pretty cool!
Gracie sleepin' in Mommy's arms...