Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kaety and Gracie As Friends - July 1 - 22, 2012

Most beautiful girls in the world (per our Mama) :)
Kaetlyn and Grace Together:
We’re going to try a little different format, since we are doing EVERYTHING together these days - we do squabble, but mostly we are turning out to be pretty good friends.  (Mostly Baby Sister Gracie wants to do EVERYTHING Big Sister Kaety does, and it causes some angst and consternation, but also a LOT of kisses and hugs.  We'll take that!)  So, we'll try this together and share a little independently at the end :)

Almost another three weeks has gotten by us and what a WONDERFUL few weeks!  We celebrated Independence Day with a trip to the park, bike ride through the park and by hanging out in our backyard playing in the sandbox and in our pool!
Don't we have cool "wheels?!"  Sippy cups and babies onboard - YAY!
Sandbox antics 101
Hey - what's that over there?!
Hangin' in our pool...
Patriotic pool babe!
Boats are delicious!  AHHHH...the POOL!

Sometimes a girl has to take a break...

Gracie demonstrating why they call it "toddling" in our yard!
Where's Waldo...err..Gracie?!
Beauty in the Garden...
Independence Day swinging...yeah...this ROCKS!

We've also spent some time playing in our sprinker after the folks at school told Mom and Dad how much we both seem to love the sprinklers at school during water time!
Water time at school!  Gracie's a big fan!
WOO HOO!  Sprinkler time!
Oh, this is SO FUN!
WHOA!  That's COLD!
Yeah...I LOVE this!
Mom and Dad got a day out without us (not sure why they would want to do that), and Aunt Rachel and Uncle Jimmy, Madison and Ava came over to play.  We had SUCH a fantastic time.  Poor Uncle Jimmy was with a gaggle of girls!!!
Demonstrating proper bucket technique to Auntie Rachel
Gracie and Ava playing with "big girl" toys...
Best Friends.  Kaetlyn LOVES Madison.  She's the best role model EVER.

A lot of fun was had...
...and Gracie demonstrated her bareback techniques while making Aunt Rachel and Uncle Jimmy VERY nervous...
In the end, we ended up all hanging out after Mommy and Daddy got home and we all got to take our Sunday night baths together!!!  SO.  MUCH.  FUN! 
4 bathing beauties!

Next up, Mommy’s cousin, Denise, came to visit.  She was super fun.  She read us books, played with us, and helped make yummy food – lots of pasta – our favorite!  :)  Denise and our Aunt Kim are besties, so we got to have all the Olmsted clan over for a day of fun, during which we entertained with more sprinkler fun and bubble antics…
Cousin Denise & Uncle Paul
Kaet and her dog, Kaia.  LOVE.
Aunt Rachel O. and Gracie
Gracie and her bubbles...
Kaety pops bubbles
Bubble beauty

While Denise was here, we also went to this place called Lakewold Gardens and got to walk around and play on their VERY green grass.  It was a lot of fun, but the weather was VERY different from the day before…we had to wear our warm woolies that day!
This is just mischief defined!
Pretty Girl.
Happy and patriotic girl!
Becoming a big girl...finding leaves.
We’ve had some scary things happen this month too.  Mommy and Daddy found a lump on our dog, Kaia, and it turns out she had a big cancerous tumor that they had to take out.  She’s starting to recover, but for a while she looked silly because she had to wear a stocking and a t-shirt to cover her big, huge (6” scar!) wound and prevent her from getting at the stitches!  We love our Kaia-Dog. 

Also, both of us have been sick on and off this month.  Poor Gracie had it first and gave it to the whole family, and Kaety has struggled with some breathing issues this month that are going to require further investigation.  That said, all in all, it’s been a great few weeks!

All About Kaetlyn:
I’m starting to really be expressive these days.  I’m popping out new signs and some words even – enough that Mommy’s having to go do some research on signs to figure out what I am saying!  Gotta love those Baby Signing Time videos that keep me (and everyone else around me) on my toes!  I am making lots and lots of different sounds and saying a few more words too.  You have to listen hard to really understand them, but they are definitely there!

Signs I know and use:
More                     Eat                       All Done                Milk                       Water                   Juice                     Cracker                 Chair                      Sit                        Bath                      Please                 Thank You             Help                     Coat                       Shoes                  Socks                     Hat                      Dog                        Frog                     Horse                 
Monkey                Bird                        Block                    Ball                         Baby                      Up                        Down                   Open                      Close                     Book                     Star                     Sun                        Car                         Hair                        Nose                 Eyes                       Ears                       Belly!                     Mommy              Daddy
iaper                   Sleep                     Crying                   Happy                    Sad
Sounds I make:
GRRRRR! (Tiger, Lion, Hippo…)
OOH OOH OOH!  (Monkey)

Words I say:
Done                    Up              Down                Elliott                     Kaia                       
Nana (Mom)       Dada             Dinda (Linda)     Audey(Audrey)     
Hi                      Bye Bye!        Diaper              Cheese                
Cakar (Cracker)   Alright!

Mommy and Daddy are trying to get me into speech therapy twice a week, rather than once a week because I’m starting to show a lot more interest in words, particularly now that Gracie’s around and I need to verbalize a bit better!

My favorite things:
Reading                Playing with Dolls             Pushing my toy shopping cart     Drawing               Coloring              
Watching Veggie Tales, Barney, or Sesame Street             Play-Doh

My least favorite things:
I don’t like when I’m playing with my babies and my little sister comes and steals the blanket…it makes me cry but I can’t understand why it makes Grace laugh…she’s a strange girl! :)

Playing in school:
At school, I’ve been very interested in art projects and you should see the pretty pictures I draw!!!
Working on a puzzle at school
Sensory painting.  Yeah.  I loved this!

All About Gracie:
I’m trying desperately to do everything my sister does and make sure I get to play with her as MUCH as possible.  I don’t like to be where she’s not, and if I am, my Mommy better be there.  They call me “Velma Velcro” a lot because I like to cling on to my Mommy and Daddy.  I’ve gotten very good at taking toys from Kaetlyn, so we’re working on my ability to share (especially since I do this at school to my friends now too!).  I am walking all over the place and starting to make really cool sounds. 
Plus I LOVE to dance whenever I hear music…you should see me get my groove on.

Mommy and Daddy are fascinated by how quickly I pick everything up and how much I want to be a part of and in the middle of everything. I love my family. I LOVE my sister. I’m just a pretty lucky girl!

Words I say:
Mama                   Dada                      All Done

My favorite things:
Dolls                                Anything Kaetlyn has                       Pasta                    
Grilled Cheese               Breakfast sausage                            My bottle! 
Macaroni & Cheese (do you see a cheese theme here?)

My least favorite things:
Spoons or anyone trying to feed me (I do it myself!)      
Sippy Cups (can't I just have a bottle?)                         
Being alone (I get really mad when I see my mommy walk out of the room…it just isn’t right!!)

Playing in school:
At school, I’ve also gotten to do some art projects.  Ms. Audrey says I end up wearing more art than doing it!!!

Getting ready to paint!
After painting....
Clearly we've been having fun...join us soon for a recap of our fun-filled weekend on the Hood Canal!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Traveling, Visiting, Dr. Visits and FAMILY! June 2012

Kaetlyn's Thoughts
June was an exciting month around here.  Lots of visits with family, LOTS of birthdays, and a few trips to the doctor :(  WARNING:  Tons of pictures and videos...hope you have some time to kill to read this entry!

The month started with a trip to Florida to see my Uncle Connor graduate from High School! 

Connor...HS Graduate...Next stop - UF!

This was my very first trip in a plane in my own seat, but without a car seat.  The verdict:  planes are scary!  I did NOT like having my own seat and Mommy is pretty sure all the people around us knew it too.  As a result, both going and coming back to Seattle were less-than-stellar experiences.  Looks like next time the car seat is a must!
You see this look?  This is the look of a girl not excited to board that plane!
All that said, Florida was mostly EXCELLENT.  I got to see all my Uncles, two Great-Uncles, two Great-Aunts and, of course, my Grampy and Grammy. 
Reading to Great-Uncle John

Grampy & Me
Uncles 3 - Jason, Kevin & Connor
Uncle JJ and me
I love my Great Aunt Nancy
It is obvious to everyone that I am a water baby, as it was hard to keep me out of the pool!  Fortunately, lots of family members were there to help me out.
Water Baby!

Great Aunt Nancy and Kaet Poolside
Uncle Kevin and me in the pool

Yes.  I love this.  I REALLY REALLY do!

Day two of pool time...hangin' w/ my Grampy
All tuckered out on my Grammy
Snack time poolside
I love my Uncle Kevin.  He rocks.

In addition to the pool, we got to spend a day at the beach and I have to say, I could really get used to hanging out on a beach!
Beach babes
Uncle Kevin and me having a chat...
Florida suits me...
Making a break for the water!

Playing in a pool at the beach with Cousin Lukie.  A pool AND a beach at once!  It doesn't get any better!
Lunchtime with Great Aunt Nancy.  (Note my perfectly puckered lips...now if I could just blow thru them!)
Got her hat!
Unfortunately, the end of the trip was not so great.  I ended up in the Pediatric Urgent Care with Croup and Bronchitis. :(  It was very scary for my parents because it happened so fast.  Thankfully Grammy is a nurse and was able to put the dr. straight and make sure my Mommy kept her wits about her!

After our trip to Florida, we went to see my Sissy's VERY OWN apartment.  It was her birthday while we were in Florida, so we got to take her presents (which I helped open) and play with her for the day.  It was FANTASTIC!
Yay for birthdays!
Birthday girl...
I love my Sissy.  I love my Sissy.  I LOVE my Sissy!
And she loves me! :)
Sissy has a really fun apartment that you can run around in a big circle in.  We showed her how to do it, Gracie, Daddy and me...

I discovered a new friend this month, who I really like.  His name is Barney and he is a purple dinosaur!  Mom isn't sure she likes him a whole lot, but he makes me smile!

I had my 2-year old dr. appointment this month (among other appointments to deal with croup fallout, like pneumonia...TWICE, but we won't dwell on that!).  Dr. P. pronounced me VERY healthy - 29 lbs, 35" high, and extremely curious!  Mommy told Dr. P how helpful I am around the house and what a good big sister I'm turning out to be.  Dr. P was very proud!

Later in the month was Father's Day.  Gracie and I got to hang out all day with my Dad.  He's pretty awesome.

At school, I spent time reading books and playing in the sensory table, plus I got to see my Baby Sister Grace at school a lot.  The teachers make sure we get to play together!
Reading at school
Sensory table fun!
Visiting with BSG while she takes a buggy ride
Mommy's been considering making my bed a Toddler bed, but I am still ALL OVER when I sleep.  I tried out my friend, Madison's bed at her house when we went for her 3 birthday.  I really thought it was cool and liked bouncing on it. 
Testing out Madison's bed

But we've decided to keep my crib going for now...so I can burrow in!

June was pretty cold and rainy here.  It's not July 4th yet, and in Seattle, summer doesn't come before then.  That said, we did get out some and I got to try my new bike out in the driveway!  I'm still a bit short for it, but I REALLY enjoyed riding on it!! :)
Biker Babe!

Looking forward to summer arriving here so we can play in water and ride bikes!!!

Gracie's Perspective
I loved going to Florida to visit all my aunts, uncles and grandparents.  I got to meet my Great-Uncle John and Great-Aunt Ro, my Uncles Tommy, Jason & Connor, and hang out near a pool! 

Grampy and me
Hangin' with my Great Aunt Nancy
Sleepin' on my Great-Uncle Bob

Readin' books with Uncle Kevin
All gussied up with Uncle Kevin
I have to say, I like water, but wasn't quite as sure about it as my Big Sister Kaet.  That said, I did get a few good swims in, followed by a few good naps, which does a baby good!
Pool Gracie!
Our day at the beach was wonderful.  I ate very little sand, and played a LOT.  I think I could live on a beach.  I really showed off my skills as a Beach Babe!
Beach Babe Gracie
Crawlin' on the sand
Lots of toys here!
Big fan of the pool at the beach!

On our return, we visited Sissy and her house was so much fun!  I sure miss her when she's gone!
Playing at Sissy's
Hee Hee Hee Hee!  Love my Sissy!
Three stooges
My biggest news of the month:  I am WALKING!  Not just a few steps, but full out toddling around the house!  I started with the steps around 9 1/2 months and by my 10 month birthday on June 29, I was walkin' around like a champ!

Here's an even better "show off" video!

At school, we've had lots of fun learning new things and playing.  I showed off my love of water by playing in the cornstarch sensory tub.  I climbed in and out and out and in and really shocked Ms. Audrey at how much I liked it. 
Corn Starch Gracie
We also had a bouncy house day and, not surprisingly, I LOVED the bouncy house.  I like anything that moves...like me! :)
Think I like this much?!
Too much fun!
We've taken a few buggy rides at school and they always seem to end with me asleep.  I do love a good, brisk nap!
Ava and Gracie on a buggy ride
What?  I like to nap, OK?!  And look at me...on a cot like a big kid!

I've gotten to spend a lot more time playing with my Big Sister Kaet this month.  We're starting to really get along together.  She loves me and hugs me and sometimes leads me astray...not too often though!  (Isn't that what big sisters are supposed to do?)
My Big Sister Kaet loves me!
Showing me some naughty skills...
I didn't do anything!!!

Though it's been a bit gray and rainy here, we have gotten out to the park.  Good thing 'cuz I have learned to LOVE the swing!

I can't wait for more sun, park visits and fun!  :)

And just because...my Mom loves my forced laugh!