Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter fun, Gymnastics Parties, and Park Play - April 2 - 15, 2012

Kaetlyn's Thoughts
Once again, we've been lagging in the blogging department.  But never fear, my Mom has taken a bunch of pictures to make up for it!  We've had a wonderful two weeks, including celebrating Easter, going to a birthday party, and enjoying some really nice weather here in the Pacific Northwest.

I'll start with Easter weekend.  The day before Easter, Mommy, Daddy and BSG and I all got to go to the ZOO with my friends Aunty Holly and Kayla!  They were having the "Bunny Bounce" at the zoo and I got to learn to go egg hunting!
Showing an egg to Aunty Holly and Kayla
Look Mom, an egg!
We had a really nice time and got to see some animals too - including a big ole' elephant, who I thought was really nifty!  Even Gracie enjoyed the zoo...
After the zoo, we went to my friend, Christopher's second birthday party.  It was a GYMNASTICS birthday party, which meant there was a LOT of energy expended!
Hanging out in the foam pit!
Climbing the big, big, big blow up slide...
Hanging with Peyton and Dominic on the parallel bars!
I really, really liked these bars!
Even Baby Sister Grace got in on the act!!!
Testing out the balance beam...
Yeah - I've got this!
After all that, you might think the weekend was over, but no!  The next day was EASTER!  It was awesome!  We got to wear all kinds of fun head gear...
I'm a cute little bunny!
And Gracie too!
The Easter Bunny's new best friends.
And dress up in some pretty fancy finery...
All dressed up!
Hugging my sister (can't you tell she loves this?!)
My fancy Easter dress.
Gracie's fancy Easter duds...
It was a really, really beautiful Easter Sunday here, so Mommy and Gracie and I went out for a walk during which, Gracie and I proceeded to show Mommy what life's all about...SISTER GIGGLES!

We hope you had a nice Easter too! :)

At school this past week, I've been quite busy.  Mrs. Linda shared some really fun moments I've had...

Dancing in the room with Mrs. Linda:

Dancing in the room with my friend, Peyton!

Hanging out in the "bear blocks" at school...not sure why I love this so much, but I do!!

It's been a great two weeks!

Gracie's Perspective
What a fun two weeks!  As you can see from what Kaety has written, we've been busy, busy bees (or bunnies! hee hee) :)

I am pulling up on EVERYTHING and starting to cruise on furniture and behind just about any object I can find to push! I am happy as long as I can stand up and bounce up and down, or try to move my feet!!!

As you can see from this video, pretty much any object is fair game for walking behind...

I also like to try to walk behind actual walking toys and Nester is my FAVORITE!!!

In addition to all this walking, we've spent a lot more time outside and have visited several local parks where I'm perfecting the art of the swing...
Chillaxin' in my rockin' swing...
I don't seem to enjoy the swing quite as much as Kaetlyn...yet...

I'm also not too sure of this whole grass thing, but I sure do look cute sitting in it, according to my Mom!
Pondering the facts of life (look at that awesome posture!!!)

Watch my Ninja moves!!!

When not at the park, I spend a lot of time with my Big Sister Kaet, trying to show her my cool "big kid" moves.  Here we are comparing belly sizes...

Also these last two weeks, Daddy's been testing out his camera skills on both Kaety and me, trying to catch us in different lights and poses...
Silly Kaety
Sweet and innocent...
Ballet pose...
Crawling away...
Caught from behind...
Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Grandma Visits, Playtime and Sisterly Fun - March 19 - April 1, 2012

We apologize that we are woefully behind in our journalling.  We've been super-busy these last couple of weeks and so we will try to get every wonderful moment into this blog post...WARNING - there are a LOT of pictures of us!!!  Mommy and Daddy say it's because we are so cute...  :)  ~ Kaetlyn & Gracie

Kaetlyn's Thoughts
WOW!  What a fun-filled two weeks!  My Gramma came to visit, I spent a TON of time with my baby sister Grace, helping my Mom out, and got to start to spend more time outside thanks to some nice Seattle weather!  Also, I've really gotten into my groove at school, and I am having a BLAST there!

First of all, I would like to report that at school, I am just a happy, happy girl.  My smile is contagious and we've gotten a lot of new friends in my class that I've been very helpful with their entry into the class.  Specifically, I have been really good at patting them on the back, wiping their noses, and making them feel really welcome (with maybe a wee-bit of hair-pulling thrown in there...hey, a girl's gotta have her vices!)!
Demonstrating appropriate Toddler Room Technique to my new friends!
I've had my first pee pee on the potty at school...
And I have clearly been having WAY too much fun playing in the room and with my friends in class...

Kaety in the "tunnel" at school

Happy Girl on the "sofa" at school
I also have a really fun "extracurricular" activity on Wednesdays with Mr. Doug.  Mr. Doug is our music teacher and I really, really love him.  My friends and I get to spend 1/2 hour every week with him and he teaches us movements to songs as well as fun friend interactions...
Watching Mr. Doug (you can tell I'm intent because my hands are behind my back!)
Hey Dominic...What's he saying?!
Doing the Hokey Pokey (my current favorite song)
More Hokey than Pokey...
See Mr. Doug?  He's fantastic....
Sometimes when we are with Mr. Doug, I need need to make sure my friends are having fun...
Tickle, Tickle, Peyton!
Yeah...he's havin' fun now!!! :)
If we're not playing with each other while Mr. Doug is around, sometimes I teach my friends to read books:

Or we practice singing songs.  I LOVE the Baby Bumblebee song!

While my Grandma was here, we got to go to the park..TWICE!  Thank Goodness the weather is starting to turn a little nicer here!
Grandma and me at the park
I got to play on the swings...

And I am really into going down the slide right now...

And so is Grandma!!!

And getting to climb all over the playground is a TON of fun!!!

In addition to our outings outdoors, we've gotten to go to the Seattle Aquarium and to the Children's Museum again.  I love those places - they are SO FUN!
With Daddy at the aquarium
Playing bongos w/ my BSG at the Kid's Museum
I've got a rock star out people!
But I can also be sweet as pie...
Dialing friends on a "Japanese phone" at the Kids' Museum
I'm busy talking on the phone, can't you see that?!
As you can see, we've been busy, busy, busy...if we aren't kept busy, these are the things that happen:

Driving & Texting:

Being "jailed" by our Mom!
Hey!!!  Let us Out!!!
In my quieter time, I'm becoming quite the piano afficianado:

And I love spending time with my Baby Sister Grace...
Or even with my parents:
I love my Mommy and she loves me!
Daddy gives me GOOOOOD treats!

Gracie's Perspective
As my BSK said, it's been a fun-filled two weeks!  I am becoming a full-fledged puller-upper and tentative couch surfer!  I am trying to play with Kaetlyn a lot more and totally laugh my head off when she's around. 

I like to play with toys that allow me to stand up and try to go someplace.  For example, BSK's toy dragon, "Nester"...he and I are becoming great friends!

Gracie and Nester
Trying to walk behind him!
More Nester time!
While my Grandma was here, I got to go to the park and hang out...
Mom and Me at the park
As well as I got to have my VERY FIRST swing ride!  (It was fun :))

We also spent a lot of time playing at the house where I demonstrated the Three C's:  my chewing, crawling and climbing skills!

And more crawling
Climbing on my Grandma!
And after all that work, sometimes a girl needs a good, long nap on a warm, snuggly Grandma...

In addition to all my crawling and climbing, I, too, am becoming a Piano fan.  I especially like to play with my Big Sister Kaet:

Sadly, Grandma had to go back home.  After she left, we went to the Aquarium and Children's Museum - without Grandma around, our parents had to find SOMETHING for us to do!  It was my first trip to the Aquarium and I rather enjoyed it!

But even better was hanging out at the Chidren's Museum again...
Playing bongos (and standing)
Holding up GIANT apples (and standing!)
But sometimes, it's just as nice to hang out with your family and play at home...
Playing with my Mom and BSK
Hangin' with the family...
We hope you all have a GREAT week and we'll definitely write you don't have to thumb through so many pictures next time!!! :)