Monday, October 3, 2011

More GI "fun", last of the visitors, sharing spaces... September 24 - 30, 2011

I'm 16 months old now!  And as part of my growing into a big girl, Mommy has decided I need to spend a little more time learning to share.  We are going to start with my blog and sharing it with Baby Sister Grace.  You may notice we've changed the name and Mommy says we're going to change the format a little too...we're each going to get a turn to talk about our week.  This week will be my first attempt at sharing.  :)

This week, I've found a new way to play - I love to point and have someone reach out with their pointer finger and touch mine.  Mommy says it's a little "ET"-like (I'm not sure what that means), but it REALLY makes me laugh and makes me happy.  It's the little things, you know?! :)

Our steady stream of visitors is ending, as my brother, Brian, and my Great-Aunt Jean and Great-Uncle Alan left this week. 
Great-Aunt Jean and Great-Uncle Alan and me :)

Big Brother Brian, Gracie, and me

It was pretty quiet around here after everyone left!  I've been keeping myself busy with spending a lot of time with my walking toys and chasing my puppies, Kaia and Elliott, around the house!

The big event of the week was that I had my Gastric Emptying Study at Seattle Children's.  It was a really interesting, if somewhat long and uncomfortable, but unfortunately, they didn't find anything wrong!  We're going to have to talk to the doctor to figure out what our next steps are; they mentioned an endoscopy, but Mom and Dad have to think about that one because I have to be put under anesthesia. On the bright side, it does seem like I'm urping somewhat less these last two weeks, but it hasn't stopped... 
Me and Baby Sister Grace waiting at Children's...

I was REALLY good during the study and only fussed a little bit about 30 minutes into the hour-long study.  If you were strapped down in a machine that looks like a tanning bed....wouldn't you fuss too? 
At seemed fun!
Starting to get bored...
Meltdown imminent...

I resolved the fussiness issue by falling asleep for the last 15 minutes :)
Just about asleep...
While Mommy and Daddy were waiting for me in the machine, Baby Sister Grace got to hang out with them in the room.  She took on her favorite pose...hanging over Daddy's shoulder!  It really calms her down, for some reason.  She's weird! :)

In other news of the week, I FINALLY got some new shoes!  I don't know if I've mentioned previously, but I'm very fond of shoes.  Daddy says I've inherited Mommy's biggest vice.  Not sure what that means, but I do love shoes!  I especially like to take them off and put them on.  I do this at school a lot and my friends at school like to help me with them!

Playing with my shoes...GREAT fun!

My friend Sierra helping me with my shoe...

My friend, Ishaan, helping me with my shoe...

Ishaan is sort of my BOYfriend...we like to hug each other!!!
Gracie's Perspective:
Hi!  My FIRST time to get to write!  I mentioned to Mommy that I would really like to get a chance to voice my story as well and she said it would be nice if Big Sister Kaety and I could share, so here I am!  Look out world!

I am ONE MONTH old this week!  Time sure is flying fast.  At one month, I've just started to outgrow my newborn clothes and am finally starting to sport those cool "big kid" 0-3 outfits.  Also, this week, I graduated from newborn diapers to size 1 diapers...I am ALMOST 10 lbs (9.8 lbs by our scale at home!).  I've been taking "big baby" baths (not those funky washcloth ones!) since I was about two weeks old.  I excelled at losing my belly-button stump - I "came clean" at 5 days old!  You could say I'm somewhat of a prodigy. :)

Things I like: 
  • Hanging out on my Daddy's shoulder  
  • Sleeping on my Boppy when I'm done eating
  • Eating with my Mom!

Things I dislike:
  • Having a dirty diaper  (Mommy says I'm a princess and if this continues, I should be easy to potty train!)
  • Tummy time (why do they INSIST upon doing this to a girl?!)
  • Having my hair pulled by Kaety (she said she's sorry)
Overall, life is pretty good.  I can't complain too much.  I'm excited to get to share my journey with Big Sister Kaet's blogspot and all of you! :)


  1. I cannot believe how much the two look like each other!! how sweet is this!! that GI appt...looked all to familiar...Maddie was awful through this...her stomach does not empty...I am sorry you all do not have any answers yet...Love the finger point to sweet and a great way to communicate! and I love shoes so much fun...Maddie has her Keen sandals and has not looked back! smiles

  2. As a "professional" baby sister, I heartily welcome Miss Grace to this blog! Way to be assertive, little sis!

    And Kaety, just make sure Mommy gets you some running shoes just as soon as possible! xo