Friday, October 28, 2011

Daily life and LOTS of pictures...October 22 - 27, 2011

Kaetlyn's Thoughts
At school this week, my teacher, Mrs. Linda was out, and I really missed her.  As a result, I was full of mischief!  We spent a lot of time prepping for our trip to Hawaii, and not a lot of time playing...this trip better present lots of opportunities to play because I'm READY!

We had a visit this weekend from Ms. Holly and my friend Kayla and her sister Ava.  Kayla wasn't feeling so well, and we didn't get any pictures of her :(  However, Ava played with me a lot and it was nice to play with a "big kid"...
Ava and Kaetlyn in the "big girl" rocking chairs...
Fascinated with Ava...

Tomorrow we leave for our big trip, so I'll have LOTS to tell you when we get back!

Grace's Perspective
I spent a lot of time exercising this week.  Mommy says I need to spend more time doing "tummy time".  I like "tummy time"...I like to sleep like that!  So, Mommy devised a torture device - "boppy time"
Hey...what IS this?
This is kinda fun...
How much longer, Mom?

I also got to meet Mommy's friend Ms. Eileen this week.  She came up from California to visit us.  She's really really nice!

Eileen and Gracie

Mommy's Perspective
We had a photo shoot two weeks ago with both our girls.  My friend, Jen Minnich, whose wedding Kaetlyn was in in August, is a budding professional photographer and we are so grateful she wanted to use our girls as models!  There were so many good shots, but both Kaety and Gracie asked that we share some of the best ones here... THANKS JEN!!!
Two peas in a pod...err..a rocker...
Sweet, smiling Kaet
Giggly girl
Girl with Attitude!
Happy Kaetlyn
Crooked Smile Gracie
Pretty Baby...
All wrapped up...
Sisters (and nice touches!!! :) )
Thanks for checking in on us...we're off on a grand adventure...wish us luck on the plane (I'm terribly nervous!).  We'll have lots to report on next week! :)

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  1. Aloha! Have a grand time! The pix are wonderful! Happy toes n the sand! Smiles