Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More signing, meeting people, smiles... - October 15 - 21, 2011

Sitting in my "new" rocking chair
(it was Mommy's when she was my age!)
Kaetlyn's Thoughts:
We've had a really busy week.  I've been displaying my spunk and "crazy toddler" skills as well as have been demonstrating lots more signing for Mommy and Daddy.

I am ALL OVER the place these days.  I LOOOVE to climb on things and up into chairs and UP slides (not necessarily down).  Mommy and Daddy are seriously working on "Kaety-proofing" the house - not just the cabinets, but pretty much everywhere because that's where I am...EVERYWHERE.  Fortunately, I have a LOT of toys that enable me to expend my energy...

Watch me and my bouncy zebra!

Now, this is the way to expend some energy...

This is what happens when you "expend energy" too fast... (plus Mommy thinks my heiny looks cute in these pants :))
I loooove to talk - all the time - day in and out, and even in my sleep.  It's even better if I can look at myself in the mirror while doing so...

I've been expanding more and more with my signing in addition to my constant chatter; however, I'm not a big fan of doing it in front of the video camera.  Daddy and Mommy managed to sneak some video...

At school, I've been into everything just as much here at home.  We've had SO MANY activities that help me expend my energy and learn new things!  Fortunately, Mrs. Linda and Miss Erin document my activities and my ability to be a ham for the camera...
Learning about Halloween at the sensory table...
Me and my "boyfriend", Ishaan

Did I mention I like mirrors?  Wearing my "spider hat" at school.

"Painting" with spiders...I like the taste of paint...don't tell Mommy!

Continuing to demonstrate my skill at shoe removal on the playground...
Daddy and Mommy decided this past week that we should start to work on me getting myself to sleep without a bottle or rocking with them in my chair.  Boy, did they pick the wrong week.  As a result, I have been a bit of a "stinker" when going to sleep and Mommy and Daddy realized that maybe I'm just not ready to wean off my night-night bottle.  After a couple of days of a lot of disorderly conduct, they discovered...ANOTHER TOOTH!  That's right.  I've got 1.25 teeth now!  Cutting those teeth is REALLY hard and I don't enjoy it much (neither does my Mom).  That said, I'm still not gonna give up my night-night bottle.  Not gonna do it!  At least I'm getting really good about brushing my teeth at night :)

Me and my toothbrush - I LOOOOVE to brush my teeth! :)

Grace's Perspective:
This week, I found my smile...AND I like to talk!  I have started trying to tell Mom what life's about by saying things.  She doesn't really get what I'm saying, but she sure does seem to enjoy listening to me.  I'll have her get video soon!  In the meantime, check out my smiling on cue...aren't I a protege!?

In other news, I got to meet a lot of new people this past week!  Mommy and I went to lunch with Ms. Emily and her daughter, Annabelle.  We had a really nice time and I loved being held by Ms. Emily!  I also went to lucnh twice with my Auntie Rachel and my friend, Ava, who is my Mommy and Daddy's Goddaughter and who is only 10 days younger than me!!!  We had VERY long lunches, and they were AWESOME! 

Finally, I got to meet a lot of Mommy's friends at her work.  Mommy's office had a LOT of babies around when I was born...there was me, then Cora Marie (middle), then Ava (with Auntie Rachel).  We all went in for an after-work fun event and got our pictures taken.  Look at how cute we all are!
Rachel & Ava, AJ & Cora, Mommy & Gracie
I have been a little fussy this week. I really just am not a fan of bottles (though Big Sis Kaety is, I am not!) and Mommy and Daddy have been working on getting me to take one for when Mommy goes back to work in a few weeks.  So, I get upset and sometimes inconsolable.  Really, the thing that works the best to make me feel better is for Mommy or Daddy to hold me. 
Daddy discussing life with Grace

Mom says that holding me all the time makes it hard to get things done.  SO, she's taken to "wearing" me around the house to do things like vacuuming, cooking, dusting, etc.  Daddy caught us in the act this week...
Mommy and Gracie getting ready to cook dinner
I'm looking forward to the coming week...we're going to be prepping for my first airplane trip to Hawaii!!!  Until then, Kaety and I say, "HAVE A GREAT WEEK!" :)

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  1. ooohhhh Miss Kaetlyn is going to much fun in the ocean and the sand! wow the girls are getting so big... i bet you are one busy Mommie! yeah for talk'n girls to cute...smiles