Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WEEK 7 – July 8 – July 14, 2010 – 6 weeks old

I had a BIG week where I got to see and meet LOTS of people! Daddy went on a trip to Kansas and Nebraska for his Aunt and Uncle’s 50 year anniversary and I didn’t get to go because I’m so little…so instead, Mom took me all over the place! While Daddy was gone, Mom and Sissy spent lots of time with me and we played! We also went to cousin Tyson’s 1st birthday party – yay Tyson! – and got to see lots more Spivey and Sajec family members!

On the 13th, I made my first trip to the ZOO! We met Leia, Jaeden and Tyson there, and Michelle, Becca and Lauren. I slept a lot of the time, but I also had my first REALLY MAJOR blowout in public. I was completely naked on the grass at the zoo ‘cuz Mommy had to change my whole outfit! I was so proud of myself!

We went out with Holly and Kayla again and went for a nice walk on Alki with them in the sun. Yes, that’s right – SUN. We’ve not had much of it here in Seattle since I was born, but I’m told that when it gets REALLY bright outside, it’s directly correlated to the SUN…Mom says I will learn to love it as I get older!

The big news of the week was that I got to see Grampa Ward! He’s on a long motorcycle trip from FLA to AK and back to Key West (my Daddy is sooooo jealous!). He stopped in Mt. Vernon, about 1.5 hours north of here, to get his bike serviced. So, Mom drove us up there to see him and get to spend some quality time. He was shocked at how big I’ve gotten! I got to sit on his lap at the restaurant for lunch and then also on the bike, which was really neat! I love my Grampa!!!

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