Friday, October 15, 2010

WEEK 17 – September 16 – September 22, 2010 – 16 weeks old

Me sitting in a Boppy at school on my first day!

Where to begin with this week? It was so busy!

On Friday night we had a nice dinner with Sissy and her boyfriend and then packed up our cars because the next morning, we left really early and took Sissy to college! She’s going to school about two hours away and we drove up first thing on Saturday. We moved Sissy into her room, which is really nice, and gave her big kisses and hugs goodbye. I won’t get to see her for two weeks, when she comes home for the first time…won’t she be surprised how much I’ll have grown!? While we were at Megan’s school, I had to be changed and Mommy was trying to get a new diaper on me in the back seat of the car and I flipped over from my back to my front! I startled not only myself, but Mommy as well…she says she’s not quite ready for me to be mobile. Fortunately, for her, the back of the seat has a slight incline, so that helped me a little bit and I haven’t repeated this feat since. BUT…I’m REALLY, REALLY close!

On Monday, I started school for the first time and Mommy went back to work. Mommy was so sad to leave me at school, but she knows I’m in good hands there. Aunt Rachel (Lott) came to help Mommy through that first drop off. She helped carry in all the various and sundry “stuff” that comes with me to school (lots of extra clothes, diapers, blankies, etc.) and helped Mommy so she didn’t cry too hard when she had to leave me with Ms. Audrey. I LOVE my school! Ms. Audrey, my primary teacher, does all sorts of activities with us and she takes pictures of everything so she can email them to my Mommy and Daddy. I also get to play with Ms. Kathy and Ms. Elsa and LOTS and LOTS of babies. I’m fascinated by their crying and can’t quite figure out why they do that! We do tons of activities at school and I’m always very, very tired when I get home. I pretty much eat a couple of bottles, take a bath, and go to sleep – and even then I usually fall asleep on my Mommy or Daddy because I just can’t keep my eyes open past about 7:15! My Uncle Jimmy (Lott) says they must have a treadmill or something that they put all the kids on to tire us out so much. Apparently, Madison has the same issue when she comes home!

This week’s activities at school included a couple of buggy rides and my first art project! I got to use my hands and feet in finger paint – it was extremely cool and Daddy and Mommy were shocked that kids my age can do art like that! Grandpa Ward says I’m the next Picasso (whatever that means!) :)

Starting my art project...

Moving on to feet...

Look at me! I'm all done (and look at all the pretty colors I have on me!)

We had a visitor to our house this week. Ms. Eileen, a friend of Mommy’s from work, came to stay with us for a couple of days. She’s really nice and has pretty red hair. I got to play with her before I went to bed…she’s silly and makes me smile!

I also got to spend some time with Ms. Colleen & Ms. Donna this week. I hadn’t seen Ms. Donna in about two months, so she was pretty surprised at how much I’ve grown and how strong I’m getting. Ms. Colleen showed Mommy how to put me in a crawling position over the Boppy so that I can start to exercise my hip muscles and learn what it feels like to be on my knees. I have to tell you, it’s weird. I much prefer to stand on my toes over the Boppy. I push up and almost do a somersault over the top of it, which I think is really fun, but Mommy and Daddy don’t! I'm really trying hard to stand whenever anyone is playing with me. I like to push up on my feet on Daddy's lap and just stare at him and talk to him. I'm becoming quite the talkative little girl!

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