Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WEEK 13 – August 19 – August 25, 2010 – 12 weeks old

What a busy week I had! I went to school and met Ms. Audrey and Ms. Kathy and Ms. Elsa, who will be my teachers at school. They are very excited about having me in their classroom. I also met Ms. Dawna, who teaches 2-year olds there. She has a daughter with Down Syndrome, so she was really looking forward to meeting me. She says we are going to play a LOT on her lunch breaks! I can’t wait!! J I’m going to get to start school early too, which works out perfectly for Mommy – I’ll start the week of September 20th so Mommy can go back to work.

I met some new people this week as well. I met Daddy’s boss, Ms. Marilyn. We went and had lunch together. She’s very nice! I also met Mommy and Daddy’s friend Camille. We got to play and talk. When I grow up, I want to play sports like Camille. She does all kinds of fun things from kickball to golf! Someday, she’s going to show me how to play all these things!

I had a photo shoot this week for pictures of me at 3 months old. I felt like a regular model! I got to wear three different outfits and have pictures by myself, with Sissy and with my parents. The photographer, Nathania, was the same lady who took pictures of me in the hospital. She was really nice and even didn’t seem to mind too much when I had a meltdown because I was hungry. I did end up getting tired and a little bored with all the photos, so I fell asleep for the last ½ hour she was here. Mom says the pictures are going to be fantastic.

Mom spent a lot of time packing this week because yesterday, I got to take my first plane ride!! We flew overnight on what is called a “redeye”. I’m not sure why it’s called that…my eyes weren’t red…I got LOTS of sleep! In fact, I didn’t even realize we took a plane ride until suddenly we were someplace warmer and Uncle Tommy was there ferreting luggage around for Mom! Mom had me in this contraption called an “Ergo Baby” and I slept the entire flight! I hope I get to be awake for the flight home so at least I’ll see what an airplane looks like! I hear we’re going to meet a lot of Mom’s friends and other family members inthe coming weeks…I’m very excited!

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