Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WEEK 3 – June 10 – June 16, 2010 – 2 weeks old

What a week! I had my first visit with the South King County Early Intervention Program (SKIP). My main therapist is going to be Ms. Colleen. She’s super nice and is already impressed with how well I’m doing, given that I’ve been working on tummy time since I was 3 days old. (I can hold my head up for 4 seconds!) Ms. Colleen is going to help me with some core strengthening exercises to help me meet my milestones as closely as possible to those of a typical child. (Sometimes when you have an extra chromosome, you need a little extra help!) So far, she says I am doing GREAT and if I didn’t have the diagnosis, I wouldn’t even qualify for the program yet. So, I guess it’s a good thing that Mommy and Daddy knew before I was born how special I was gonna be!

I went back to see Dr. Patulot this week and I’m finally gaining some weight! I’m up to 6 lb. 13 oz (what my Mommy weighed when she was born!) Just have to keep gaining a little more and then I won’t have to come back every week!

This week I also attended my first party! Granted, it was at home, but we had all kinds of people over to celebrate my brother, Brian, and his girlfriend, Alyssa, being here and to celebrate that my Sissy (Megan) graduated high school! She got dressed up in a fancy red gown and hat and walked across a stage. Mom and Dad decided I was too young to go spend several hours outside for the graduation, so I didn’t get to go…but I hear it was awesome :) I DID get to come to the party though! Lots of Spiveys at the party = Happy Kaetlyn!

Visitors this week: Mimi and Papa (Daddy’s parents), Brian & Alyssa, Uncle Allan & Aunt Barbara, Anna, The Sajecs (Tony, Leia, Jaeden, Tyson), Justin & Laura, John Repetti & Jennie Gold from Mom’s work

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