Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WEEK 12 – August 12 – August 18, 2010 – 11 weeks old

I was accepted to the Boeing Family Center this week! Mommy is SOOOO happy. I start on September 27, which is later than she wanted because she’s supposed to go back to work before that. But…she says she’ll work something out because this is the best place for me. Yep, that’s right. I’m goin’ to school (daycare). I hope I like it!

In other news, this week I got to go to a work meeting with Mom! It was all fun and games while I was sleeping, but when I woke up, I put a big stinky in my pants in front of everyone in the meeting; I think Mommy was slightly embarrassed!

After the big work meeting, Mommy and Daddy pulled up the stakes and we went CAMPING! Oh how I love the fresh air (it does make me tired though!). When we got there, there was one small incident wherein I was bitten by a black fly. Mommy used some words I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to hear, telling those flies to stay the heck away from her baby. You go Mom! I got a little cold the first night, but I just snuggled in with my Mommy and Daddy. The second night, Mom remembered she’d brought gloves and made sure I wore them. I stayed snug and warm in my little bed and all went really well! Aunt Rachel (Olmsted) came with us as well and had a really nice time…she even kept watch over me a couple times when Mom had to go to the car to pump and Daddy was playing with the dogs or working on the fire! All in all, the venture was highly successful and loads of fun!

You might think after our camping adventure, we’d stay home a little…ahhh, no. Mommy likes to go out and about too much! After camping, Mom and I had another playdate at Gene Coulon Beach Park. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, but got to be in the 90’s and I got pretty hot! I also went on my THIRD trip to the zoo – we went with Holly and Kayla. We had such a nice time with them! Finally, we got to go out with Mom’s friends from Sila to a picnic! I got to meet lots of Sila families and their kids. It was a really awesome time.

Ms. Colleen came this week too. I showed her my snazzy roll over skills and she was really impressed. She gave us some other things to work on…I am following people around the room now, but not so interested in toys and grabbing them, so we have to work on that. I’ve almost got my feet up to my face on my own, but not quite, so we’ll continue to work on that too! I think my belly is getting in the way just a little – I’m up to 12.5 lbs now!!!

I’m a busy, busy girl! I tell you what, I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks hold for me…next week I get to take my first PLANE RIDE! WOO HOOOO!!!

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