Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WEEK 6 – July 1 – July 7, 2010 – 5 weeks old

This was our first full week of not having people staying in our house. It was kind of nice all the quiet. Mom did take me out pretty much every day to meet new people though…she apparently can’t sit at home! We went to Boeing to meet her boss, Ginger, and see Errol, and we went out with more Sila people – BJ, Hiep, Matt L, Prabhat, and Brad. I’m not sure I’ll remember all the names of folks, but it sure is fun to get held by everyone!

I went to lunch with and met some new friends this week: Emily & Sophie Paraskeva and Holly Palmer & Kayla Sarbach. Emily is the wife of a guy my Mommy works with and my Sissy babysits for her from time-to-time. It was the first time Mommy got to spend some quality time with another Mommy and she liked it very much. Before we had lunch with Emily and Sophie, Mommy had one of those, “I’m a bad Mom” moments. We were in the car and Mommy was pumping (she does this a lot!), and I started to fuss. So, Mommy reached into the diaper bag to get out the bottles she’d prepared before we left the house. Unfortunately, to Mommy’s dismay, said bottles were still in the refrigerator at home. Imagine how I felt! I was VERY upset. Here was Mommy with food (remember she was pumping!) and no way to get it to me. SO, I got MAD. REALLY mad! Mommy freaked out and stopped pumping a little early, hopped in the front seat of the car, drove the mile over to Babies R Us and ran in to buy bottles. By now, I was in a full-out melt down like she’d never seen before. Let’s just say I’ve found my voice! The lady in front of Mommy was slow – very slow – so slow, Mommy was about to say some not-so-nice things right as the lady got her stuff together and got out of the way. Needless to say, the story ends well…we got the bottles, Mommy put the fresh milk into them and I got to eat. WHEW! Mommy won’t do THAT again!

Our other lunch date this week was with Holly and Kayla. They are some really nice folks Mommy has met through the DS King group. Kayla is another kid with DS like me! Kayla’s Mom, Holly, and my Mom got along really well and have lots in common. Kayla is only 12 days younger than me, so I expect we’ll become good friends!

I also go to see Dr. Patulot again and …I PASSED MY WEIGHT CHECK! We don’t have to go back now until I am 2 months old! I’m so happy! I’m a hefty 8.5 lb now! WHEEEEE! J I’m beginning to look like a real baby with chunks – I even have an extra roll on my arms and legs now! Mommy thinks my cheeks are edible, but I’m trying to keep them and not let her bite on them!

The biggest news this week is my smile. I’m starting to do it for more than just gas! Not all the time, not even most of the time, but when I do, and it’s genuinely in response to something, boy do I look CUTE. In particular, I do it for my Sissy. I love her – she is funny and smells good and makes me smile!

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