Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WEEK 14 – August 26 – September 1, 2010 – 13 weeks old

Wow! What a whirlwind! I’ve been to four states and the District of Columbia this week! We flew into Virginia, then Mommy and I spent the first part of the week at Uncle Kevin and Uncle Tommy’s (Uncles Kevinommy! J) house. One thing I can say about this place is it is HOT. Way hotter than at home. Mommy ispretty excited about that though because I am able to wear many summer outfits I couldn’t wear in Seattle because it’s so cold! I look awfully cute, if I do say so myself. While here with Uncles Kevin and Tommy, we went downtown to the monuments and out to eat a lot. I also visited my first dog park! Uncles Kevin and Tommy have a dog named Aiden who just loves to go to the park and kiss on me!

The first night we were here, Mommy let Grandma Linda and Grandpa Ken babysit me and she and the Uncles went out to a fancy dinner. I’m not sure who had more fun – Mommy and the Uncles, or Grandma Linda! She was a really nice lady and she smelled good too! :)

During the first part of the week, we also went to Maryland to see and meet many of my Mommy’s friends. We had a barbeque at Aunt Jacqui’s house where I got to meet Aunt Liz, Uncle JP, Julia , Jack and Grandma MopMop along with Aunt Jacqui, Uncle Jack, Alex and Erin. At the BBQ, Mommy asked Uncle Chris if he wanted to hold me and he decided I was too “breakable” to hold, so instead, I spent a little time with Aunt Jen, Uncle Rob and Luke, who gave me some fabulous books that we read all through the weeks we were gone. The next day, I got to meet Aunt Angie, who is pregnant and will have a baby very soon. So, I patted her belly a little and told the tyke inside that it really is a pretty neat place out here!

Mommy seemed a little sad to leave the DC area. She didn’t get to see as many people as she wanted, for example, her work folks, but we had to head out to NY a little early to go visit some really special folks. We drove to NY and stopped a couple of times so I could eat and Mommy could make more food for me, all in all, it was a 7 ½ hour trip. I really only seemed to mind the last 15 minutes of the trip. By then, I was bored and ready to get out of that car seat!

When we got to NY, it was a regular homecoming. I’m not sure what’s up with Mommy and crying, but she did her fair share when we arrived at my Great-Aunt Val’s house. I got big hugs from my Mommy’s cousins Nisey and Aunt Kristin and some special hugs from my Great-Aunt Val, Great-Uncle Bob, Great-Aunt Jean, Great-Uncle Alan, and my Gramma Ward. I also was really excited to meet my Great-Uncle Douglas, who has an extra chromosome like me and who turned 56 years old while we were there! My Great-Aunt Val is fighting a nasty disease they call Cancer, so it was really special to get to see her. When we left her house, I got to see my Great-Aunt Nancy, Great-Uncle Bob, Great-Aunt Ro, and Great-Uncle John. They were very excited that I finally arrived.
Grandma Ward & Me

Aunt Kristin & Me
On the second day we were in NY, my Mommy’s cousin Rhiannon had a baby girl named Emma. Emma came a little early, so she was really tiny – only 4 lbs, 11 oz! It turns out, Emma was born extra-special like me as well - God gave her an extra chromosome too. Fortunately, Emma’s Mommy couldn't love her much more…she’s a great Mom! We felt like we were in the right place at the right time so Mommy could pass on information to Emma’s Mom and help her out just a little bit. We even got to go visit Emma in the hospital! She’s VERY tiny, so Mommy sent Emma some clothes that would fit her! Here's Baby Emma:

Baby Emma
While Emma’s birth was a blessing and surprise, one of the reasons we had gone to NY early was to try to see Mommy’s friend Polly. Polly was also battling the evil Cancer. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see her, as she passed away the morning after Emma was born. Mommy says that Polly is Emma’s Guardian Angel. Sounds like she was everyone’s Guardian Angel to me! Mommy and lots of Mommy’s family were very sad about Polly, but so glad she was out of pain. I wish I’d gotten to meet her…she sounds like she was an amazing woman and I think we would have gotten along quite swell. I did get to meet her sister, Ms. SarahJo and I think she's pretty fabulous!
So, the week has been a whirlwind – flying and driving all over, meeting dozens and dozens of new folks. A lot of really fun parties with people, and then some sadness as well. I really like the East Coast though! Next week will be a big one…PollyFest and Wardapalooza – it doesn’t get much better than this!

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