Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WEEK 2 – June 3 – June 9, 2010 – 1 week old

Well, lots has gone on in this first week. I guess the most major item is Mom finally broke down and gave me a bottle, rather than trying to continue with the syringe. After our second doctor appt where I hadn’t gained enough weight, she decided the whole breastfeeding thing may be a wee bit more difficult than it should be. So, she gets to spend a LOT of time pumping to try to build up milk supply and I get to eat it through a bottle, which is MUCH easier on me! YAY ME! Hoping this will help with the weight gain. I’m 6 lb, 6 oz. this week, according to Dr. Patulot…going back again next week!

I met with the pediatric OT at Swedish Hospital for a follow up. Her name was Katie and I really liked her. She taught us a bunch of mouth exercises to do to strengthen my tongue and mouth. Mom and Dad are excited to try them.

Other happenings this week: Sissy (Megan) turned 18! I hear that’s old…guess I’ll figure that out in a few years!
Visitors this week: Grandma Ward, Brother Brian and his girlfriend Alyssa. Boy do I love to snuggle you all! :)

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