Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WEEK 8 – July 15 – July 21, 2010 – 7 weeks old

We had visitors again this week. My Great Aunt Nancy & Great Uncle Bob came to stay for a few days. They are touring the US and Canada in their snazzy RV. I LOOOVED meeting them. While they were here, I made my first trip to “The Mountain” – Mt. Rainier. It was a glorious day and it felt like we could see for thousands of miles. The next day, we went to the Ballard Locks. It was my first visit there and I got to see the fish ladder and walk all around with my family! My Aunt Nancy and Uncle Bob were so wonderful. I really enjoyed meeting them and I get to see them again this summer! Mommy says we are going to stay with them when we go to NY to meet all the rest of her family. I can’t wait!

Ms. Colleen came again this week and she was very impressed with me! I can raise my head at a 45 degree angle and hold it up for 5 seconds! In general, I can hold my head up for almost ½ a minute! I showed Ms. Colleen how I’ve found my hands. I LOVE to suck on them – just like my Uncle Kevin. (Mom’s going to start saving for braces now!) I learned some more exercises, like “suck on your toes” and “bouncy baby” and they tried to get me to look at toys and follow them with my eyes…I’m not quite there yet, but am working on it!
Finally, Mommy, Daddy and I went on an outing with the DS King group to the Greenlake Wading Pool. First of all, that place ROCKS. Lots of kids, lots of water, fun fun fun! I’m sure we’ll go back there when I’m older and can experience it a little better. We met some older kids with DS and I got ooh’ed and ahhh’ed over by all the adults…I’m so cute. I mean, I’m REALLY REALLY cute! :)

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