Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WEEK 10 – July 29 – August 4, 2010 – 9 weeks old

I AM A ROCK STAR! That’s right people. R O C K Star! I rolled over! Not once, but multiple times! Mommy caught it on cell phone video! Now, to be fair, I don’t do it consistently, but I can repeat it! I did it after Ms. Colleen came this week, so she hasn’t seen me do it…she will be SO PROUD of me!

I went on my first hike with Mommy and Daddy and to Gene Coulon Beach Park for the first time this week as well. We did a LOT of walking…Daddy tried to take me up a 25 degree incline and though the stroller IS a Jeep, we decided that might not be such a grand idea and came back down! But it was nice to go walking with Mommy and Daddy! They also took me to the zoo and I got to see more animals this time. We saw giraffes, elephants, hippos, zebras, tigers, gorillas, meerkats and cows. I love the zoo!

Other outings this week included lunch w/ Mary Ann, Garrett and Malcolm and another dinner w/ the DS King Mom’s group. At that one Holly and Kayla came too, so there was lots of baby loving going on!

Mommy and Daddy went to interview another daycare this week as well. Though I’m enrolled in one, Mommy isn’t sure it’s quite right for me, so we went to look at the Boeing Family Center. Mommy and Daddy LOVED it and really hope I can get in…we shall see…there is a waiting list for September, but we’re going to keep our fingers crossed. My friend Madison (Lott) goes there and is in the toddler room, so I would get to see her on “outings” amongst the classes which would be really nice!
Here's a video of me rolling over!

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