Tuesday, May 3, 2011

WEEK 48 - April 21 - 27, 2011 - 47 weeks old

I am 11 months old this week!  I have so many new things I'm learning each day that I am really starting to keep my Mommy and Daddy on their toes.  Mommy can't believe that I am close to 1 year old and has already started planning my birthday party for Memorial Day weekend.

I'm trying all kinds of new foods as I get older.  Mommy made some special "Kaety" foods -  spinach, potatoes & chicken; broccoli & cauliflower with cheese sauce; tuna noodle casserole - and I like ALL of them.  I haven't found a food I won't eat.  I'm even starting to try to pick at Mommy's or Daddy's food when we are having dinners.  I like food.  What can I say, I'm a big eater...it runs in my family! :)

In addition to eating, I have just about mastered the art of the Sippy Cup.  I like to drink water (LOVE to drink water) and I get very excited when that Sippy Cup comes out.  I can pick it up and then I throw back my head and get my drink out of it.  I can be a wee bit messy when doing this, so Mommy relegates the Sippy Cup to being used when I'm in my dining chair or in the kitchen still, but as you can see...I'm getting there!

This week has been a wonderful week.  We had pictures at school, and though most of my pictures I had a hard time smiling in, we did get a few (see above) where I'm smiling.  There were also pictures of our class and my teachers taken.  (Those all turned out really good! :))

Me - NOT smiling...but I'm still awfully cute, according to my Mommy!

My class: Ms. Audrey, Ms. Elsa, Ms. Kathy, me, PJ, Ben, Peyton, Michael, Olivia & Christopher

My beautiful teachers, Ms. Elsa & Ms. Audrey
We're starting to have - some beautiful days here in Seattle and to celebrate (and so I could spend some time with my friends), we went to the ZOO with Ms. Holly and Kayla the day before Easter.  It was HOPPING, and I don't just mean because of the kangaroos there!  Apparently every year, there is a "Bunny Bounce" at the zoo the weekend of Easter.  Mommy didn't realize this when we made plans.  The Easter Bunny was there and they were having egg hunts, and Mommy said she was pretty sure that almost all of Seattle was at the zoo that day!  I didn't get to go on an egg hunt, as Mommy thought I was maybe a bit too small, but I did get to see all the people and hang out and play with my friend Kayla for the WHOLE day outside!

Me "talking" to Kayla at the zoo

Kayla thinks I'm funny!
The day after the Zoo was EASTER!  I think I saw that bunny hopping through my yard, but I'm not sure.  It was pretty rainy, so we ended up not doing much outside, but we did go to brunch and I got to have yummy breadsticks at the Olive Garden...I'm a BIG fan!  I hope you had a great Easter...I sure did!


  1. Oh my you are cute!! so glad you are a BIG eater!! I bet it makes mommy and daddy VERY happy! hope mom is feeling good :) the BIG 1 wow how time flies! cannot wait to go to the zoo in a couple of weeks! you all looked like you had a BLAST! smiles

  2. Happy eleven months! You are as cute as ever:)