Thursday, May 26, 2011

WEEK 52 - May 19 - May 25, 2011 - 51 Weeks Old


This week, I spent lots of time with my Mommy and Daddy, helping to prepare for a very special guest who came into town for my GRAMMA WARD!  I "helped" Mommy get all her planting done - lots of baskets of pretty flowers for the back yard, and was extremely helpful in the "cleaning" department...did you know that crawling all over the floor can pick up an inordinate amount of dog hair when you have 3 dogs, and it makes it so the vacuum cleaner doesn't have to do as much work!  Isn't that "helpful"!?

Asking Mom if I can put one of the flowers in the pot...
Daddy says I've become mischievous, mischievous, mischievous.  You can't keep me in one place, that's for sure.  Despite the fact that I *may* actually be getting a tooth after all this time, which has had me a bit whiney and very much wanting to snuggle this week, I have been crawling ALL over the place and pulling myself up on EVERYTHING.  I've even started to "surf" the furniture in my own special way...turn around and with one hand try to walk forward, sit down, scooch once, stand back up...I'm over two paces!  It's really quite ingenious, don't you agree? 

Because I'm soon going to be a big girl, and because I like to MOVE, Daddy got out my zebra toy that he bought me when Mommy was still pregnant and I got to get on it for the very first time!  I love it!

All that activity can wear a girl out (plus the aforementioned teeth trying to come in has me a little exhausted too...).  Mommy and Daddy took me grocery shopping and I decided sometimes snuggling with the grocery cart is the best kind of satisfaction...

Just a few more days until my birthday...Mommy said this morning that she was already in labor at this time last year...labor...?  What's that? :) 

The next time we talk, I WILL BE ONE YEAR OLD!  YAY ME!!!!

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