Sunday, May 22, 2011

WEEK 51 - May 12 - May 18, 2011 - 50 Weeks Old


This week I had several "firsts."  It was the first time I stood up by myself in my crib!  One morning, Mommy heard me in my bed and I was talking and carrying on and when she came in to get me, I showed her my newest trick.  And look how happy I was about it!!!  It was so much fun.  I've decided standing up against pretty much ANYTHING is the way to go.  I just wish I could figure out how to move from side to side when doing it!

Me standing again...Mommy and Daddy took down my mobile after this!
I met with Ms. Colleen at the Children's Therapy Center again this week and we worked on my stepping and trying to get me to move side to side.  I'm not a big fan of this.  I much prefer the walking forward exercises.  But I did show Ms. Colleen how fast I can crawl in my half bear/half crab-crawl and she was very impressed with my speed!

The day after I played with Ms. Colleen, I did something REALLY amazing.  I was crawling all over and exploring the house, and my Mommy (who is getting huge) was trying hard to follow me around.  I found the stairs in our house and they're REALLY high!  I decided that the dog toy that was laying on the stairs looked like a lot of fun, so I decided to go for it and try to get it!  And guess what?!  I did!  Mommy had Daddy get the video camera and you can see my awesome stair climbing feat here! :)

I've really gotten into reading books with my Daddy and my Mommy lately.  I like to touch the books and talk to the book when they're reading to me.  I get at least one story before night's a lot of fun! :)
Reading with my Daddy


  1. That is a HUGE week!! so cute!! I love it! there is nothing better then a big smile and standing/playing in the crib...climbing up stairs has to be one of my least favorite milestones!! so great for Kaetlyn..not so great for Mama's nerves!! Maddie is so funny with books...she LOVES them...when she is not a fan of one she throws it...and will not even look at if it has offended her...very funny!! hope Mom is doing good and keeping rested! Happy Monday..smiles

  2. She is doing good! My boy couldn't start crawling up the stars until he was about 20 months or so. I love he cute smile.