Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WEEK 50 - May 5 - May 11, 2011 - 49 weeks old

THREE WEEKS 'TIL MY BIRTHDAY!!! (Not that I'm counting or anything! :))

Because my Mommy is a big fan of pictures of me, she had me participate in retakes at school for picture day.  I was a little ham for pictures this time, as you can see.  I smiled and showed the cameraman my best stuff, as well as a little attitude...
My personality truly shows in this one...as does my prolific ability to remove my right shoe...

This was me at home prior to going to school...not the similarity in footwear...I've got talent, yes I do! :)
I had my very first Mother's Day with my Mommy this past week.  My soon-to-be sister and I bought Mommy a really pretty necklace with each of our birthstones in it (Daddy helped pick it out!).  Mommy loved it.  Daddy bought Mommy a shed so we can put all the garden stuff into it and make room in the garage so Mommy can open both doors of her car to put me and my sister in!  It was a really nice day :)

In other news, I'm really not into sitting so much anymore.  I like to stand on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I can.  I even stood all by myself, WITHOUT HOLDING ON! for 3 full seconds at school the other day.  Mommy and Daddy haven't seen this feat yet, but Ms. Audrey assures them it's coming!

I met with Ms. Gay Lloyd at the Center for Children's Therapy this past week.  She's the nice speech therapist lady with whom we met when I was doing the intensive Neuro-Developmental Therapy.  I get to see her once a month now.  We're working on my tongue control.  I really am a fan of using my tongue to achieve every possible sensory input I can, but sometimes people just don't understand how awesome that can be...and, well, truth be told, it can lead to drool.  So, Ms. Gay Lloyd will help my Mommy and Ms. Colleen teach me to use my tongue differently.  I have a tendancy to stick it out of my mouth when I swallow and, of course, I pretty much stick it out when I smile, and I like to use it as my bottom lip.  So, they've got these "Nuk Toothbrush" items that are FANTASTIC to chew on.  When I'm chewing, my tongue stays in my mouth, so we work on that every day (I love it!) :)  Also, there are some face exercises to help me understand my lips should go together, not my lip and tongue.  And finally, some feeding therapy to help me move my tongue around in my mouth a little better.  We'll meet with Ms. Gay Lloyd again in a month to see how things are progressing.  Mommy is hopeful much of these techniques will help me, as she told me the other day she can already see some improvement.  Way to go me! :)

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  1. I am loving the retakes!! or should I say just cuteness! sounds like your mama had a GREAT Mother's day! the tounge is a neat part of our body I never thought about until I had Maddie..we love the nuk and it has been helping...but when her refulx is bad then her tounge sticks out more...I am not sure what we can do for that! hope your pregnant mama is getting some rest and taking it easy! smiles