Monday, May 9, 2011

WEEK 49 - April 28 - May 4, 2011 - 48 weeks old

It's been another week...and I'm ONE MONTH away from turning one year old!  My Mommy and Daddy can hardly believe it and I'm just waiting with anticipation for my big party!

The big news this week was my visit to the opthamology doctor.  We went back so I could have my tear ducts evaluated.  When I was there six months ago, they were fairly certain I was going to have to have lacrimal tear duct surgery - basically to open up my tear ducts by placing a tube in to create a tear duct.  This time, the news was more optimistic.  While my right eye still refuses to clear completely, there is *some* drainage, so the opthamologist said we should wait and see how things develop over the next year and only come back if it doesn't look like it's improving significantly.  You can't imagine how happy this made my Mommy and Daddy.  I knew I wasn't having as much "leaky eye" and could've told you he would've said that! :)

I've been a busy bee, crawling through my playhouse and walking behind my green dinosaur, Nestor, with some help from my parents.  They haven't gotten any video yet...we'll try to do so for next week.  My biggest accomplishment this past week was "surfing" between the coffee table and my standy table.  I did it all by myself and Mommy was *shocked*.  She was so surprised, when she said something, she surprised me and I fell down on my bottom!  I better keep practicing so Mommy doesn't surprise me like that again!

I also *finally* figured out how to crawl up into my very own chair and hang out.  I've been trying for a couple of weeks to get into the chair and Mommy showed me how again and then I tried while she was folding laundry in my room the other day.  Lookie here who made it up on her own...AND found my bottle of juice/water to boot...that's right...ME!!!

Sittin' in my chair, relaxin' in the sun with a cold one...

This is the life!
I spent some time with Ms. Colleen this week and have been working on feet positioning and feeling my weight in my feet.  I really really want to stand up on my own and WALK, but I just haven't found the balance yet...hoping Ms. Colleen's techniques will get me there!

And finally, just a couple of shots of me eating dinner...because Mommy thought I was so darned cute... :)  Have a great week!

Ummm...are you bringing me food yet?


  1. Don't worry, Kaetlyn.... I didn't walk until I was 15 months old!! xo (Elliott Giessler)

  2. so glad the surgery on your precious eyes is put off!! that can not be fun! I am so impressed you are cruising like you are!! ROCKSTAR! and the pix of you in the cute! Happy almost 1! smiles