Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Sissy and The Superbowl: January 20 - February 5, 2012

Kaetlyn's Thoughts
This was a fantastic week.  Know why?!  MY SISSY CAME TO VISIT!!!  I haven't seen Sissy (who is, naturally, my FAVORITE person in the world), since December 23.  That's almost 6 weeks.  That's WAAAAY too long.  I was SO excited to see her.  We had a wonderful weekend and got to play in the SUNSHINE, which can be rare here in Seattle in February!

Sissy, Gracie and Kaety
Yeah...I love my Sissy.  Lots.  And Lots and Lots!
Our weekend was absolutely beautiful - filled with sun and nearly 60 degrees!  For Seattle in February, that's pretty much about as good as it can get!  So, we spent some time at the park (YAY!) and I got to play on the swings, which you know I love :)
Yeah.  This is pure joy.
Sissy, Kaia, Elliott, Mommy and me at the park...
This weekend was also the culmination of football season, which is much beloved in our household.  It was the SUPERBOWL!  We got to go spend time with my friend Kayla and her family at their house and watch the Superbowl.  I had a LOT of fun playing with Kayla and her brother, Gavin, and sister, Ava.  Kayla is such a WONDERFUL friend and I love her!
Hey!  What's up?  It's been a long time.  We should play more often!
Two cuties

Grace's Perspective
What a week!  I had a great time this week learning to play with lots of people and with more finesse.  I like to rock back and forth on anyone's lap and I'm starting to sit up more readily in a 3-point stance all on my own.  Plus, I got to spend some time in my Big Sister Kaet's chair ALL BY MYSELF this week too! 

Sittin' in BSK's chair
Sittin' can be hard, so sometimes a girl has to take a nap!
My biggest accomplishment of the week is that I can get up on all fours!  I love to get up and push back and scooch backward.  I do this in my crib while sleeping and in the middle of the living room.  It's official...I'm a scoocher and am prepping for crawling!
Up on all fours!
Scooching backward...MAN, this is FUN!

In other news, SISSY came to visit this weekend.  I haven't seen her in 6 weeks, which, in baby terms, is like 1/4 of my life!  I was really excited to see her and play with her.  She is really funny and makes my heart happy.
Sissy and Gracie
I got to go to the park for the very fist time this week and sit on a swing with my Mommy.  Big Sister Kaet tells me that swings are a lot of fun.  I reserve the right to judge them later, but so far, so good!
Mommy and me...
This week, I found my voice and my laugh.  I am starting to mimic a little and Mommy thinks it's pretty funny...

I've ALWAYS had a good giggle, but I am full-out laughing now. ALL the time. And my family thinks I'm hilarious, which makes me laugh more...I'm pretty cute, at least my parents tell me so! :)


  1. Love all the fabulous pictures! And I really love the one of Kaetlyn looking up at Meagan - so sweet!

  2. sounds like a GREAT week! love it when the whole family is around! your pictures are as cute as always! smiles