Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Communicating, Reading, Dr. Visits and Playing - Feb 6 - 12, 2012

Kaetlyn's Thoughts
I've really been trying to communicate a lot more this past week.  Mommy and Daddy have noticed that I try to mimic their mouth movements and sounds a lot more.  So, Mommy thought maybe we should update my progress to date with all my "words".  I do say some things, but more often I like to watch, or I will sign something.  Though I'm quite the social butterfly, I can also be quite shy and not ready to jump into a conversation, unless it's the old "DADADADADA" standby!  That said, here's what I *can* do!

WORDS I say or Mommy and Daddy can discern from my constant babble:
- Hi
- Bye
- Done
- Elliott
- Kaia
- Moo
- Baaa
- 'Uac! (Quack)
- 'Ay! (Yay!)
- 'At (That)
- Dada
- Nana ("mama")

SIGNS I know and often use include:
- More
- Eat
- All Done
- Chair/Sit
- Shoe
- Yes
- No
- Please
- Thank You
- Bath
- Go
- Baby
- Monkey *new this week!*  When Mommy shows me a Monkey on my iPad Peekboo game, or when I hit the button for a monkey to appear on my pop-up game, I sign "monkey" and sometimes do " oo oo ooo!"

When I'm asked, I *can* (note, if I feel like it!) point to:
- Nose
- Belly
- Teeth
- Mouth
- Ear

I have taken all these new-found communication skills and really started trying to "read" even more than I have in the past.  I like to get books and read to myself.  I know that reading a book involves talking because I see that from Mommy and Daddy and Mrs. Linda, so when I read, I say "Daddadadadada" to read to you. Most of the time, I hold the book upside down - Daddy thinks it is to mimic others reading to me.   I can even be found to (sometime) put my books away after reading them to go find new activity!  Mrs. Linda was kind enough to capture all of this on film this week...
Look at my book!
Making sounds...
Putting my book away
You didn't see me do that, did you?
Off to find a new activity!
One thing of note for the week was that I had to go visit the doctor again.  I've got this pesky runny nose and an awful cough and one night, when I was eating dinner, my hands and feet and lips turned blue!  Mommy was freaked out; Daddy was the calming force that night, for sure!  Also, as a result of my cough, I've not been sleeping very well.  Really, no one in our house has!  So, off, we went to the dr. and he was very concerned about my blue incident, so I had x-rays done.  Sure enough, they showed that I have pneumonia.  Fortunately, we caught it early enough and so I was given antibiotics and am starting to feel a little better.  Mommy hopes it goes away completely soon!  That said, my penchant for mischief remains undiminshed despite the ickky crud!
Mischievous Kaet

Gracie's Perspective
I've had a great week and have gotten to try out a few new things!  I LOOOOVE to be active and jump around in my chair and I've gotten to spend a lot more time with Kaety playing on the floor!  It's a RIOT!
Bouncy fun!

Additionally, because I gaze longingly at Mommy when she's eating, Mommy decided that maybe it was time for me to try some solids.  I got to taste rice cereal and sweet potatoes.  I have to admit, it looks better watching than when I participate in the eating! 

Here is my first taste of cereal:

And here I try sweet potatoes. 

I have to admit, I'm not TOTALLY averse to the sweet potatoes, but I'm not totally sure of them either.  We'll see how the week goes, if I warm up to some of these foods or not!

Have a great week everybody!!!

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