Monday, February 20, 2012

Musical Adventures, Rockin' and Playin' - February 13-19, 2012

Kaetlyn's Thoughts
I've had a great week. Though I'm still recovering from my pneumonia, I've been a happy girl.  I've really gotten into puzzles and music this week.  I LOVE to dance and to play any kind of music.  I have a music class at school each week with Mr. Doug, and I'm getting more and more into it.  Mommy tried to get video of me dancing, but every time, I knew she was video'ing and didn't "perform."  That said, here's a great example of my musical talent.

Also, on top of my piano skills, I have a VERY SPECIAL musical instrument that I like to play EVERY day - it's a card from my Uncle Randy and Aunt Ellen.  Mommy and Daddy LOVE it too!  Thanks to my COOL Uncle and Aunty!

I also spent time this week on my new climber.  I love to climb all over it and go down the slide!!!

I've gotten to spend more time playing with Baby Sister Grace this week too.  I'm very helpful at taking her socks off and putting them back on...

Sometimes it's just more fun to put them on myself! :)

I've taken to laying down in the kitchen when I'm ready to go to bed...guess that's a sign, Mommy and Daddy!

Overall...what a great week!

Gracie's Perspective
Big news!  I am OFFICIALLY a girl who can sit!  I amazed my teachers at school this week by getting into a sitting position ALL ON MY OWN!  I went from my back, to my belly, to a weird hip-rotation movement that got me to sitting.  And I've done it MULTIPLE times.  Mommy's calling it...I'm a sitter! :)

Love to sit!
I have had some practice in my Bumpo...but really, I'm a ROCKING this sitting thing!

I had a really nice Valentine's Day (and hope you did too!)...Ms. Elsa took this beautiful picture of me at school...I loved my dress!

I have spent a lot of time this week scooching and rocking back and forth.  I'm getting ready to GO!

Gracie - pre- sit pose
All that sittin' and jumpin' in my bouncy seat is EXHAUSTING!

This week I've gotten to spend a lot of time with my sister on the floor and playing.  I'm so lucky to have a sister who loves to play with me so much!
Two Beautiful Girls :)

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  1. WOW you were BIG sick! not fun...glad all things are better...that climber ROCKS! and Gracie is sitting she will be chasing in no time! should be a VERY FuN summer...smiles