Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sister Fun, Big Bathroom Events, and Random-Everyday...February 20-26, 2012

Kaetlyn's Thoughts
What a fantastic week!  I got to spend a lot of time playing with and hanging with my Baby Sister Grace.  She's FINALLY starting to want to play with me and I've been trying to show her all sorts of things that Big Sisters show their Little Sisters:

How to read a book...

How to hang with Dad...
How to clean off your nose...
Hmmmm...she didn't like that nose one so much!
I'm learning new things to share with her every day...and she doesn't seem to mind that most of my "words" are "dadadadada" - she actually seems to understand them!  Mostly, I want to show Gracie the ropes, since I'm such a big girl...

I have started to try to commandeer my Daddy's iPad.  There're some COOL songs out there on youtube and some great games for babies...This week I showed some of it to Gracie.  She's a very little girl, though, so she doesn't get to touch the very big girl machine...

I also got my VERY OWN PHONE this week. (Mommy got a new iPhone, so she gave me her old Blackberry...I am pretty sure I'm going to be the world's fastest texter in the future....for now, Mommy has had to make sure all service is turned off because the good people at Verizon were tired of getting "fake" calls...)

In other news this week, we had classroom photos and my friends and I were all very good for Mrs. Linda and Ms. Erin.
Me and my Friends.

My biggest accomplishment this week:  PEE PEE IN THE POTTY!  I have gone 5 times.  My potty cheers for me every time, as do my parents.  This thing is pretty cool!  I'm not quite sure why I have to go pee pee in the potty, but it sure is fun so far!
YAY for Potty!

It's been a good week!!!

Gracie's Perspective
I'm growing into such a big girl and have had so much fun with my sister Kaet this week.  The only thing that I wish would happen would be for my teeth to come in!  Those pesky bottom teeth are right on the verge and I am here to tell you that they make for a fairly unhappy girl when they're bugging me!

There have been a couple of big accomplishments I've had this week.  The first of which is that Mommy and Daddy started having Ms. Audrey torture me (errr...give me) with solids at school now too!  "Torturing" may be a bit harsh, but I really prefer my Mommy's milk to the stuff they're trying to feed me these days... I'm not yet on board with the whole "solids" thing...
More sweet potatoes...she looks like she loves them, right?
Hey!?  What happened here?!
I'm playing while sitting up most of the time now.  I'm digging this sitting thing.

And if I'm not sitting, I'm up on all fours trying desperately to crawl!  Daddy and Mommy are pretty sure they're not yet ready for that!
Showing Daddy my pre-crawling skills....
I'm also really into being flexible these days...

What?  You aren't flexible like that too?!?!

My other major accomplishment this week is...get ready for it...BATHING IN THE BIG GIRL TUB!

Kaety and I have so much fun...we both like to splash ... a LOT!

Until next week, all of us here hope you have a fun week... Ta Ta For Now!

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