Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feeding, playing, cooking and fun... February 27 - March 4, 2012

Kaetlyn's Thoughts
I am 21 months old this week!  Mommy says I'm getting too big too you can see, I am getting to be a pretty big girl!

We had a pretty low-key week this week.  I did have my monthly feeding therapy with Ms. Gay Lloyd.  Ms. Gay Lloyd's assistant video taped me again and then Mommy was able to see the comparison from last November to now.  I'm definitely eating more with my mouth closed and, of course, I'm walking now :)  We thought I was doing really well with my straw drinking, but Ms. Gay Lloyd says I'm using my tongue too much with straw drinking and need to learn to use my lips more.  So this month we will work on doing just that with a straw as well as work on cup drinking, spitting and blowing bubbles, all of which are to help with my oral motor skills, hopefully eventually speaking, and of course, keeping that tongue in!

I have spent a lot of time this week working with my Baby Doll.  I like to try to mimic what my Mommy is doing when she is playing with Gracie and I like to try to take care of my baby by covering her up, patting her on the back, and sometimes sharing my water with her!

I have also spent a lot of time helping my Mommy or Daddy in the kitchen this week.  I love to use bowls and spoons when they are working in the kitchen!

And finally, here's just a picture Mommy thought was a cute one of me riding in the car post-Costco trip.  I do love that place.  SO much to see!!! :) 

Gracie's Perspective
I am 6 months old this week!  Mommy and Daddy (and Ms. Audrey and Ms. Elsa!) can't believe how big I'm getting and all the things I am trying to do.

I'm really spending a lot of time sitting this week as well as trying to crawl forward.  I have figured out that if I sit up, spin around, go onto all fours, scooch, sit, spin, repeat, I can make forward progression across the room.  It's really quite something to witness.  Mommy is going to try to get some video this next week.  But I'm here to tell you, I'm going to be crawling in NO TIME!

I've been trying all kinds of new tastes this week.  I am still not a big fan of food other than my milk, but Mommy thinks I need to keep trying.  New tastes this week:  "Beef Stew", Pears & Carrots.  I can tell you I am NOT a carnivore by any means at this point.  I basically had a large urpage occur after I tried some of that yukky stuff.  My Sissy was home this weekend and witnessed that - Mom says it's really good birth control for her to see things like that!  That said, I really do seem to like peas the best.  Now, the irony in this is that, until she was an adult, my Mom would not eat peas.  Good thing she didn't hold them back from me!! :)

In other big news, I slept through the night THREE TIMES in the last week.  Mommy was SOOOO happy!  Of course, that does mean that I woke up at 5:00 and wanted to be up all day on the weekend, but Mommy said if I will sleep through the night, she'll take it.  It gives me some time to have quiet time with my Mommy in the morning before Kaety wakes up and we have loud play...
Quiet reflection in front of the fireplace...5:30 a.m. ;)

Plus, it also means that Mommy can get in some good baking time before everyone else gets up...and I get to help!
Helping Mommy make coffee cake at 6:30 a.m....
All that being awake can make for one tired girl, and the best way for tired girls to nap is on their Daddy...

Finally, a picture of me in my car seat...happy.  Now, this is a rare sight because, though I like to ride in the car, I do NOT like to be in my car seat.  Oh the irony.  This was pre-Costco can see how stoked I was to get to walk the aisles of that big mega-store!

Hope you have a great week!  Next week...I get the dreaded 6-month shots :(  Ta Ta For Now!

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  1. the straw thing can be such a pickle! but you will get it! no worries! love the doll play! you and Maddie would get along so well...Maddie is loving her babies to! gotta love the bumbo such a great tool! I bet Kaetlyn loves to play with it to! Sorry Gracie about the shots but they will make you feel so goood in the long run! smiles