Monday, January 2, 2012

Visitors, Visitors, Visitors...and one trip to see Santa...and one to the doctor! - Dec. 17, 2011 - January 1, 2012

Kaetlyn's Thoughts:
We've been very busy these last two weeks, which is why we haven't posted regularly.  We had TONS of visitors and got to visit with a lot of friends.  We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and, well, we hope Santa was as good to everyone as he, my grandparents and uncles all were to me and Baby Sister Grace!

Visitors this past two weeks:  Aunt Terri and her daughter, Shelby, my Grammy Chris, Grampa Ward, Uncles Connor, Kevin and Tommy!  Also, we had a trip to Uncle Allan's to have a Big Christmas party with my Spivey family and one great weekend out with Aunt Holly and my BFF, Kayla, wherein we got to meet The Big Guy in Red, himself.  I have to say, I didn't love him.  There is one picture floating around of Gracie, me and him...and then this picture of Kayla, me and him. 
Kayla and me with Santa you can tell, I have been more happy in my life.
In between pictures with Santa, there was a small meltdown.  While he was very kind to me, he can be somewhat scary!

That said, our Christmas was, well, FANTASTIC.  My relatives were VERY kind to me and Santa and my relatives brought some fun things as well...

Best. Card. EVER.  Uncle Randy and Aunt Ellen sent me and Gracie SINGING CARDS.  I played with them for two weeks until Daddy found the paper snowman from one of them in my mouth...then they mysteriously disappeared...I think maybe Mommy and Daddy were tired of listening to the songs?
Who doesn't love a good set of dress-up clothes? 

Do Grampa's shoes count as dress-up clothes???
A PIANO!  I got a PIANO!!!  And an INCHWORM!!!  And books!  And baby dolls!  And Little People zoo and animals!  And clothes!  And a CD player!  And...well, you get the picture. 
Even the boxes were fun!!!!

And Baby Sister Grace got an AWESOME chair, which she's not yet big enough for, so I decided I should break it in for her...I know she won't mind the extra drool and string-cheese goo....
Besides all the "stuff", I got to spend some really great quality time with my Grammy, Grampy and Uncles, who I haven't seen for almost 6 months!  They were elated with my walking skills and all manner of things Kaetlyn (and Grace) :) They played and played with me...Mommy and Daddy were not even my favorites this past week!!! Mostly, I showed them what a Big Girl I've become...Grampa helped me eat, but I showed him that I don't need much help these days!
Grampy and me
I have GOT this fork thing.  I mean, GOT it! :)
I wish my Ward family was closer and could be here more....boy, did we have FUN!~
Uncle Kevin and me coloring...he can even stay between the lines!
The week ended with a visit to Dr. P for my 19-month appointment.  Can you believe I'm 19 months old!? (My Mom cannot.  She refuses to accept how big I'm getting!) :)  We had a great visit and Dr. P and Nurse Amy were SO impressed with my walking skills and some of the signs I can do.  I'm not real tall, and my head is still small, but the overall verdict is that I'm doing GREAT.  I even got one shot and didn't cry at all.  What a big girl!

My Stats (all on a typical scale!):
Height:  32 inches (50th percentile)
Weight: 27 lbs (75th percentile)
Head:  17 3/4 inches (10th percentile)

Grace's Perspective:
What a crazy two weeks!  As Kaety said, we had LOTS of visitors and LOTS of fun!  I got to meet my Aunt Terri  (my Mom's best friend from high school) & her daughter, Shelby...they were so nice!
Aunt Terri, Shelby and me
We had Christmas with our Olmsted cousins - apparently we got lots of Little People zoo animals...I was VERY excited about it...
Me and Aunt Rachel and Aunt Sarah while Big Sister Kaet opens our gifts...
And Santa, my Grandparents, Uncles, and other family brought me lots of dollies, clothes, and fun stuff, but mostly I was entertained by my family, who I had not yet met, or had only seen once...
Me and my Grampy - he is HILARIOUS!
Me and Uncle Connor.  He thinks he's not good with kids, but, can see that he is!
Grammy Chris and me...she's SO snugglable!
And my Uncle Kevin...well...I gotta say, he's the funniest of the bunch!

Throughout the last two weeks, I got to spend a lot of time "training" on tummy time both at home and the couple of days I was at school.  I actually seem to like it, though I am not yet rolling over...maybe I'm too interested in how cute I am?
Gracie at school in mirror - "I'm so funny!"
More Tummy Time
Even my dogs got love while my family was here...
Uncle Connor, Uncle Kevin and Kaia
Here we are all together on the morning my crazy Ward family left...Big Sister Kaety and I had fun with this photo shoot! :)
Grammy, Grampy, Daddy & Gracie, Kaety & Mommy, Uncle Tommy, Uncle Kevin & Uncle Connor...we sure missed Sissy and Brother Brian!

After my family left, I got to go visit Dr. P and Nurse Amy for my 4-month visit.  (Can you believe I am 4 months old?!  Time does fly!).  Unfortunately, I had to have 3 shots, which I have to say I was NOT a fan of....that said, they are very nice and I appreciate all their attention to detail.  Unfortunately as well, I have an ear infection, so I am trying out the medicine my Gramma Ward, my Mom, and my Sister Kaet are all allergic to...we'll see if I get a big ol' rash too :( 

Here are my stats from my visit with Dr. P (I'm a BIG girl!) :)
Height:  25 inches (75th percentile & closing in on sister Kaet!)
Weight:  14 lbs (60th percentile)
Head: 15 3/4 inches (25th percentile - my Mom has cursed both of us with small heads!  Daddy says they're just "efficient!")

Merry Christmas and Happy 2012 to everyone!  This year will bring so many wonderful things...I cannot wait!


  1. you all did have a wonderful Christmas!! love the chair to cute!! Kaetlyn you are bigger then Maddie! that is very cool! those signing cards are such a great idea for other people!! Maddie and Max LOVE them so! love all the pix to cute! smiles

  2. Happy New Year, girls! We love Little People and mirror time around here, too! Gracie, when you're that cute, how can you not enjoy mirror time?!