Sunday, January 8, 2012

Miss Smartypants, Miss Cutiepants and a visit to Dr. P - January 2 - January 8, 2012

Kaetlyn's Thoughts:
What a week!  I had a great time at school, although EVERY SINGLE DAY, Mrs. Linda had to call my Mommy because I had a bump or a bruise!  Unfortunately, mid-week, I fell off the play kitchen stove (I know, I'm NOT supposed to be up there!) at school, and bit my tongue.  REALLY bit my tongue.  I ended up having to go see Dr. P because I bit it about 1 cm wide and 3/4 of the way through!  There was talk of heading to the ER for stitches, but thankfully, Dr. P and her co-worker, Dr. G. conferred and agreed it will heal on its own. 

This week has been pretty low key other than my falls and bumps.  Mommy has been a little sick, so I've been trying to be very good.  I always impress my Mommy and Daddy by the things I come up with - I'm seriously a smart little girl...I'm Miss Smartypants!  This week:
  • I brought my Mommy her Boppy when Baby Sister Grace was crying!  I knew BSG and Mommy needed it...Mommy was SO surprised!
  • I *finally* got my own shoe on BY MYSELF!
  • I started saying "Mama" or "NaaNaa" to mean my Mommy and it's obvious that is what I'm saying.  (It's true, Mommy almost cried.)
  • I started saying "OOOO" (or "moo") when I see a cow or hear the "Old MacDonald" song.
  • I have a new REALLY fun thing to do - I like to watch "YouTube" videos of kids' songs like "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Old MacDonald" and even the "Do Re Mi" song!  I try to steal Daddy's iPad every night to do this!
  • I have a game I like to play called "run away and come back for hugs..."  You can see it here with my Mommy.  I like to play it with Daddy lots too!


And FINALLY, this week, I've really learned to appreciate my Baby Sister Grace. (<INSERT MOMMY SMILING HERE!>)  I've decided that sitting with Mommy and Gracie is really fun, maybe even special.  I spent a lot of time with them this week and have decided BSG is not that bad afterall! :)

Gracie's Perspective:
I have had a great week.  I'm still learning to spend time by myself on the floor (I love to be held too much!), but I'm getting it!  I've found my feet and am *REALLY* close to rolling over, but not quite doing it. 

Mommy says this is not a lady-like pose, but I spend a LOT of time like this!
I am starting to LOOOVE my Bumpo chair.
Sittin' in my Bumpo...note the ROCKIN' boots!

And while I'm on the floor, I've figured out out that it's much nicer to be down there with a friend (thanks Grammy Chris for my friend!) :)...
Hello Ms. Stella
I am SOOOO excited to have a friend!
If I hold on tight enough, I will always have a friend! :)
Every day, Mommy says I'm Miss Cutiepants!

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  1. you are walking like a CHAMP!! how fun is that video!! so sorry to hear about the bumps and hurts not so fun! I would so cry and fall to my knees the first time hear mom from the Maddie!! that is GREAT!! Gracie is just sweet! toes taste the best! smiles