Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin...Big Girls and Little Girls Gettin' Bigger - January 9 - 15, 2012

Kaetlyn's Thoughts
Next to last week, this week has been veritably boring!  Well, not really, but not having any doctor visits feels pretty nice!  This week has been about me experiencing all kinds of new things.  I'm becoming a big helper around the house in so many ways - with cleaning, and with my Baby Sister Grace!

Kaetlyn "swiffering" -  a big helper!

Not the best focus, but you can see how helpful I am!!!

In addition to my help "cleaning," I got a really cool gift this week from a friend of my Mom's - my very own KITCHEN!!!  I have been having a great time opening and closing all the compartments and have learned that I can put my water cup in there and close the door.  It makes me giggle! :)
Kaetlyn's Kitchen
I *finally* figured out how to use my Mom's xylophone from when she was a kid ... I don't even chew on the mallet anymore!  I love the music it makes!
Xylophone music is THE BEST!

Daddy brought my big-girl chair down from my room so I can sit in comfort and watch Sesame Street...
Big girl in my chair... you can see my two-front teeth...on a side note, I got TWO new teeth this week-end - in ONE night!  I am now up to SIX teeth! :)
And I got to spend some time with Mommy watching snow fall outside.  Mommy LOVES snow and we FINALLY got to see some winter here in Western Washington.  I tasted a snowball (courtesy of Mommy)'s not all that flavorful, but she seemed excited about it!
Watching snow fall...

Snow falling at home in the back yard...AAAAAHHHHH.... :)

And to top it all off, I got to have some food that I LOOOVE this week, that Mommy doesn't always let me have because it sometimes causes my reflux to act up...RANCH DRESSING.  Oh, I love it.  Love, Love, LOVE it!  Can you tell?? :)

Grace's Perspective
I have big news.  BIG, BIG, BIG news....


(Mommy failed to get this on video this weekend, but it's true (and she promises to get some for next week! :)).  I have it figured out.  I can go back to front and then flip on over and get back on my back.  There's no stopping me now!)

Besides rolling over, I'm STRONG.  I'm practically sitting up all by myself these days.  When I get in my buzzy chair, all I want to do is sit up...and I can do it too!
Gracie pulling herself to sitting in her chair
Happy Happy Girl
I even try to pull myself up to sit straighter in my car seat...Cookie Monster helps me a lot :)

Like Big Sister Kaet, I'm good at helping around the house - I am great at helping Daddy cook!
I have been spending some time in my play gym and Big Sister Kaet has been a wee bit jealous (think massive temper tantrum...), so Mommy and Daddy decided to chance letting her into my cool play gym to play with me.  And the result?  SUCCESS!  Happy kids makes for happy parents...and we were definitely happy kids :)
Sisters in the "jungle gym"
Two is sometimes a crowd...and sometimes it's just FUN!
We hope you have a great week...see you next week! :)

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  1. OH my Ranch and Reflux not a good smelling event! I never even thought about ranch and Maddie with her acid reflux! we use it as a liquid slippery enhancer for everything...I will have to pay better attention! the swifter is such a great invention and you are a peach for helping! Gracie is HUGE!! awesome news on rolling over! soon you will be chasing her around! Happy Week! smiles