Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snowpacalypse 2012, Silly Fun, and a Sad Departure - January 16-22, 2012

Kaetlyn's Thoughts
We had quite the week!  Winter FINALLY came to Seattle!  We had snow, ice, and more snow and ended up being at home most of the week.  I thought it was GRAND; Mommy and Daddy were going a little stir-crazy at the end, I think!  I got to go out and experience snow for the very first time and while I was very unsure and trepidatious at first, I have the makings of a Snow Bunny!

Prepping for our snow fun...
Tasting snow
Watching Mommy make Snow Angels...she's nuts!
Snow Bunny

While we were stuck at home, we did a LOT of playing to help keep me busy and alleviate boredom.  We:

Played Coat-Dress Up (I love to put my coat on and take it off!)
Played music...
Played dress-up...
Even inchworm got in on the fun...see his tiara!?
Played on Mr. Inchworm...
Played in BSG's "jungle gym"...
Played with Daddy!
Worked on shoe application techniques...
And played with my kitchen! :)
My dog, Kaia, and I spent a lot of time looking out the front door at the snow.  She's a good dog (though very big!)

At the end of the week, Daddy put toddler locks on all the cabinets I like to go into.  I managed to find a way to still be able to have fun in the kitchen, though.  Mommy left a few things "unlocked" that were safe and she thought I wouldn't really notice.  Silly Mommy...
Hurricane Kaet strikes again...
Wait...I think I forgot something!!!

Grace's Perspective
I had a really fun week this week too.  I got to go out in the snow, along with Kaet, AND I've been working really hard at trying to sit up all on my own!

I've played hard throughout the week even though I've had a cold and haven't slept much.  I'm becoming much much more interested in toys and playing with my parents and sister!

Snow Bunny Gracie - something was REALLY funny - and YES!  I'm sitting up by myself (there's a LOT of stuffing in my outfit!)
"Helping" Daddy work, while we were stuck at home...
Learning to "play the piano"
Playing in the mirror ...I'm DARN funny!
Look at me!  I can "stand" on my own!
Despite my cold, I'm a really happy kiddo...
But sometimes, even happy kiddos need to rest!
Mommy and Daddy went out for the first time in a LOOOONG time this weekend for Mommy's Holiday Party for work.  The theme of the party was "Speakeasy," so Mommy and Daddy got all gussied up and Aunt Kim, Uncle Paul, Aunt Sarah and Aunt Rachel came and watched Kaety and me.  Look at my fancy parents!

We're going to go out on a rather somber and sad note this week.  My Mom's Aunt Val, my GREAT Aunt passed away on January 22, 2012.  She was an amazing woman and I'm very sad I didn't get to meet her.  She had an ability to live life like no other; her strength and ability to see the funny side of life made her a joy to be around.  Mommy says she'll miss her "Second Mom" so much, but that ours is to carry on her joie de vivre and spirit and love.  Here are some pictures. 
Aunt Val & Kaetlyn (3 mos)

Aunt Val & Kaetlyn (13 months) - Gracie in Mommy's belly  :)
Rest in Peace Aunt Val. Your star in Heaven shines bright upon us. 

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  1. yeah for winter! the girls did so good! I have to bring the snow inside! Maddie has no love walking in the snow just eating it! a week at home is always fun..but everyone needs to get out! you all looked REALLY great! I bet it was fun sorry for your loss...smiles