Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Swimming, Swimming, Swimming...July 23 - July 29, 2011

We FINALLY had warm enough weather to actually do some OUTSIDE "swimming" this past weekend.  Mommy and Daddy pulled out my dog, Kaia's summer pool, scrubbed it out, and repurposed it for ME!  I got to play in the water and I LOVED it!  Kaia was a bit distraught that she was being told NOT to go in her pool when it was so warm out, but at the end of the day, she went in and had fun too.  :)

Kaetlyn hanging out in "her" pool...
I'm LOVING this!
Taken right after I took a header into the water.  Mommy was quite freaked out.  You can see that I thought it was super fun.  (You can see Kaia's feet and tail in the background as she lays, patiently, waiting to be let into her pool!)
After my fun in the pool, Mommy and Daddy took me to a MAGICAL place called "McDonald's" and I had my first "happy meal."  I'm pleased to report that it did, indeed, make me happy.  And did you know they give you a TOY!?  Awesome.

Kaety's first Happy Meal.
Then, the next day, we went to visit Mommy's cousins and they had a surprise for me...they had a pool for me too!  I played in the water with Auntie Rachel and I'm here to tell you, pools are FUN, FUN, FUN!
Kissing Auntie Rachel in the pool...
Mommy says drinking pool water is maybe not such a good thing...I don't know what she's talking about.  Tastes fine to me!
I really enjoyed my weekend of pool fun and talked to Ms. Colleen about it when we met this week.  She says playing in the pool and my swimming lessons are really going to help pay off in my motor skills...let's hope so! 

Well, that's about all for now...summer seems to be hitting in batches here in Seattle, and we'll take whatever we can get.  Guess I better get used to wearing sunglasses for a little while!  Have a great week :)
Stylin' princess glasses courtesy of my cousins O....don't I look cool?!


  1. that looks like a GREAT day! love the pig tails! and that swimmy rocks! Happy Meals are Happy until a couple hours later! did you get to play in the fun center? Maddie got stuck up in one and I had to get her out..she will not be playing in it again! so Max always asks if it is still dirty! love the sunglasses...Happy Summer! smiles

  2. Such cute pictures! She sure loves the water, love those smiles! We were finally able to pull the pool out for our granddaughter this week. I think summer has finally arrived in Seattle! Woohoo!!