Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday parties and family fun: July 16 - 22, 2011

Mommy has been remiss in helping me with my blog this week.  She seems to be tired a lot and mentioned that my newest "gift" of not sleeping through the night, in conjunction with the fact that my Baby Sister (who should arrive in just about 4 weeks!) seems to be "up" all night is not helping.  I'm not sure why she's whole night time "vigil" allows her to cuddle and snuggle with me more, so she should really appreciate it...right?!

In any case, this past week was a busy, busy week.  My cousin, Tyson, turned two this week and we got to go to his birthday party!  I got to wear my new "princess" outfit and I had a really good time.  There were a lot of kids there and I got to play with them and eat some cupcakes!  It was really, really fun.
My cousin Tyson...He's TWO!

Look at my princess dress!
Yeah...those were some DELICIOUS cupcakes!
In other news, swimming lessons continued, but this past week, Daddy took me.  I REALLY love the water and am even a fan of putting my face in!  Sadly, still no pictures, but next week, BOTH my Mommy and Daddy plan to go so, maybe we'll get a few then!

I had a lot of fun playing with my Sissy this week.  She helped me play dress up...

...and I even got to look collegiate in the T-shirt she gave me for my birthday that has her school name on it.  I'm ready to go to Western!

I've taken a great fascination to all things electronic as well.  I'm a big fan of the TV remote (Daddy says it's his?!?!) and of all things cell phone.  I even tried texting by myself this week...
Kaetlyn uses Mommy's phone to "text"...
I've also become quite adept at blowing kisses and like to shower them on anyone and everyone! 

Well, that's about all the news from here.  I'm off to romp around!  See you next week :)

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  1. I am in LOVE with you blowing kisses! Maddie did it back to you! and really you need to sleep through the night! Maddie started doing that around your age and somehow made it in to our bed and then that was a whole other issue! but so love the cuddle time just not when we are sleeping! love the princess dress to pretty! smiles