Sunday, July 17, 2011

Climbing stairs, ARC picnic at the zoo, transition week two: July 9 - 15, 2011

We have a new "amenity" in our house called a "gate."  I have to tell you, I'm not extremely fond of this new amenity.  It prevents great fun that I have become very, very fond of...climbing the stairs.  My Daddy installed this "gate" because I have decided that climbing the stairs is about the most fun a baby can have.  I LOVE to go up, up, up and then wander around upstairs.  When I met with Ms. Colleen this week, she helped me work on learning to go back down too!  I'm not as proficient at that as I am at the up part, but I'm getting there!  At this point, I can scurry up those stairs as often as my parents will let me (which is not often enough)!  SO, now I'm scheming to determine how I can get through this gate obstacle that thwarts my fun...
Scheming about gate-removal techniques...
We have been having some relatively nice weather here in Seattle the past two weeks.  Mommy says, "SUMMER!  FINALLY!" and Daddy mows the lawn a lot.  But, we did get to go to the ZOO this past weekend for a picnic thrown by our local ARC organization.  I had a BLAST at the zoo, playing with lots of friends, including my BFF Kayla, and two new friends I met, Cody and Amelie.
Talkin' to my BFF Kayla
Pretty Kayla at the zoo
Pretty Amelie
Cutie Cody!
Talkin' with my friends...
This was my first full week in my new classroom at school.  I definitely did a little better this week than last week.  I can't see my Ms. Audrey from my new classroom, which makes me sad, but also helps me not to think I'm supposed to be with her all day long!  I've learned that Mrs. Linda, my new teacher, is really quite snuggly and Miss Patti, the other teacher in my room, is really nice.  Mrs. Linda sent Mommy and Daddy some pictures of my week:

Demonstrating my new skill...blowing kisses!
Look at this neat "house" we can play with in my classroom!
The caterpillar tunnel on our playground...
Playing with my friend Isabella.
I also started swimming lessons this week!  I absolutely LOVE the pool.  Mommy couldn't get pictures because she was running back and forth to each side of the pool to help me sit and wait my turn, but we're going to try to get some in the next couple of weeks!

Also, we finally got some pictures back from my one-year photo shoot with Ms. Nathania.  Mommy thought we should share a few here.
Sissy and Me :)
Mommy and Daddy helping me walk by the water.
My family
Baby in a basket :)
Until next week...I hope you have a great one!


  1. Isn't it funny how we get excited when they reach a milestone and then have to put a stop to it?! With Kayla it was when she finally learned how to open doors I then put the doorknob covers on! :) Looks like a great day at the zoo!

  2. GREAT family pix!! so perfect..the stairs are such a love hate relationship in our Maddie can do them..not so fun going up and down to get her!! and of course the occasional tumble! so glad summer has sprung! smiles

    -also love the new bloggy look!