Tuesday, August 16, 2011

GI "fun", Baby Watch 2011, and gearing up for big changes - August 6 - 12, 2011

I've generally had a pretty good week, though I had to pay another visit to the doctor.  I went to see a special GI doctor at Children's Hospital to check out my reflux issues.  Unfortunately, the last few weeks have seen an increase in my reflux and though I don't really get bothered by it, my teachers at school, Ms. Colleen, and my Mom and Dad are all a bit concerned.  I'm a really good eater, but sometimes foods just don't seem to like to stick with me.  And there really is no rhyme or reason to it...one day, I can eat an orange slice and the next day, I can't.  I sometimes throw things up that have been ingested 3-4 hours earlier...and when they come up, they're whole.  SO...Mommy and Daddy finally decided to tell Dr. P that enough is enough and we needed to see the specialist forthwith! 

Off we trekked to the specialist and Mommy and Daddy spent an hour telling her all about my issues and what we've tried (wedges in bed, sitting up for 20-30 minutes after each meal, separating food and drink, removing foods from my diet, etc.) and she was very patient and listened while I entertained her with lots of wiggling and some very explicit stories about how hungry I was at that point.  They checked my height and weight (29.53 inches and 23.5 lbs), pronounced me very healthy (31% height and 67% weight!) and the doctor said she'd be more worried if I was not gaining weight, or if it seemed to bother me more than it does.  That said, Mommy and Mrs. Linda and Ms. Colleen had tracked some of the timing of my "urpage" (we went through 5 outfits at school that day and over 8 bibs in 1 hour of therapy because I was urping every 1-2 minutes!) and those statistics did worry the doctor.  She felt around my abdomen and stuck her finger up places I'd rather not discuss and pronounced me constipated!  Mommy and Daddy were a little surprised because I had gone 4 times at school that day!  The doctor said that sometimes kids with extra chromosomes have a harder time getting "stuff out," which we knew, but even if we're going, sometimes there's more stuck in there. 
Deep in thought about my new "protocol"...
SO...now, I'm on a "cleansing" protocol and we'll go through two cycles of super-focused-get-the-poo-out regimen to hopefully get me going at least 1-2 times a day without straining.  The idea being that not much can go in if it's blocked up on the other end.  We go back to see the doctor in the middle of September and if this isn't working, then the next step is a study to determine how fast I digest things.  BUT...that process involves radiation much like the swallow study did, so we're going to try the cleansing thing first.  Wish me luck.  Actually, wish my Mommy, Daddy and teachers luck! :)

In other, less sensitive news, we are on Baby Watch 2011, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Sister G.  Mommy says she's sufficiently uncomfortable and ready to meet BSG, but I am thinking she should stay in a little longer.  Recently I've become fairly attached to my Mommy holding me...I really like the new "chair" I have when Mommy picks me up...though sometimes that "chair" kicks me!  Fortunately, Mommy and Aunt Rachel L. are on Baby Watch together, as Aunt Rachel is due just a few days after Mommy, so they can commisserate together.
Mommy and Aunt Rachel with Baby G and Baby A
Mommy has been prepping BSG's room and going through lots and lots of clothes.  I like it because I get to play in BSG's room and pull all the folded clothes out of the bags Mommy is sorting.  It's darned good fun! :)  Plus, with all the new gear for BSG, there are BOXES.  Have I mentioned how I LOOOVE boxes?  They are fun for all sorts of games...

YAY Kaetlyn!  (My favorite saying!) :)
Mommy has also been spending time with me and my Baby Doll.  She says she's trying to "prep" me for BSG's arrival.  Mostly, when she picks up the doll and cradles it and says "Nice Baby," I pull the doll out of her hands, crawl up in her lap and wrap my arms around her for a big hug.  That's what she's trying to get me to do, right?  She says we may be in for Big Trouble in River City!  I don't have any idea what she means...and I know she sure does like those hugs! :)  Have a great week! 


  1. oh my that is alot of upchuck!! not fun! hope this helps! who knew it could be the poops! I have to say you are bigger then Maddie! I never really think of Maddie being small-she seems so big to us! I think it is awesome! yeah for new babies! I bet you cannot wait to hold her, squeeze her, and help with everything! smiles

  2. Kaetlyn's story is all too familiar for us! Sweet Pea spits up like crazy sometimes, and not at all at others...all while eating the same things. She spits up meals hours after that aren't her most current meal and just everything makes zero sense. She had the emptying study done and it showed nothing out of the ordinary. I'm curious about the cleansing...can you let me know more details? Sweet Pea goes once a day, but I'm curious now if there is more backed up in there. It might be worth me trying to give her prunes for a few days or something of the like to see!

    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. Sweet Pea's Mom: Our protocol is to use the laxative, "Senna" for three days, twice a day and use Miralax (1 tsp) twice a day for those three days, then just use 1 tsp Miralax every day for the next 11 days, then go back to the Senna regimen for 3 days, then Miralax only for 11. Then back to the dr. The first try, it didn't seem like the Senna was working and then BAM! On Day 3, we got WAAAAY more than we bargained for. We're doing just the Miralax this week and it's been a couple of days since she's gone :( Honestly, we've not seen a big difference in the urping with the cleaned out system. I thought maybe the first day after the "Senna Explosion" it was better, but two days later, not much difference... SIGH. Hope Sweet Pea and Angel are doing great! :)