Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ER visits, Fun at school, Therapy firsts and new sounds: July 30 - August 5, 2011

This past week was quite an adventure.  On Saturday, we were supposed to go to the zoo for my Mommy's work picnic, but instead, we ended up visiting the nice doctors and nurses at the hospital!  It ended up being not a big deal, but I gave Mommy and Daddy a pretty good scare.  I was playing with my super-cool sunglasses that had light-up sides and chewing on them, which is what you are supposed to do with sunglasses, right?  Well, they came apart and inside each arm of the sunglasses are these little, tiny batteries.  So, when Daddy found the glasses, he said, "Where's the other battery?"  Needless to say, Mommy and Daddy both thought, after some searching, that I had swallowed the battery!  There was a quick call to the National Poison Control Center and then an expeditious exodus to the hospital. 

The people at the hospital were really, really nice.  They took me back right away and talked to Daddy about me and then I got changed into a snazzy purple "dress" and then they took pictures of my throat and chest!  In the end, they came back and said there were no signs of the battery...I could've told them that! 
Kaetlyn in her snazzy hospital duds...

So, we went home and Daddy and Mommy started frantically vacuuming to see if they could find the battery.  Daddy found it a while later, in a spot where I would have found it eventually! Fortunately, the battery was not in me or any of my dogs and everything turned out all right.  Unfortunately, we missed our trip to the zoo :(, but Mommy is pleased with how clean her carpets are!

I had a lot of fun at school this past week.  We played in sand and shells in the sensory tub and in WATER.  I loooove water.  Mrs. Linda took some really nice pictures of me playing with all the fun stuff!

Playing with sand and shells at school.
Water fun!
Investigating the water toys...

I also spent a lot of time playing with Sissy this past weekend.  She was teaching me lots of new things and reading books to me.  She's a wonderful Sissy!

Sissy and me...

Funniest sister EVER...and my best friend.

I took some new skillage with me into my Therapy session with Ms. Colleen this week.  I showed her all the new words I've learned, such as:  dadadada, nanananana, mamamama, babababa.  I don't think she's ever heard me talk so much!  I also showed her how to pucker her lips like me to give me a kiss.  I'm becoming pretty quick with the lip-pucker!  But by far, my newest trick is one that Mrs. Linda taught me...walking holding on to just ONE hand!  I'm not as adept at it as I am with two (I can MOVE when holding two hands!), but I'm starting to get the hang of it and Ms. Colleen was VERY proud.  I also met my new Family Coordinator because, unfortunately, Ms. Donna is taking a new job at the Center.  My new Family Coordinator is Ms. Jana and she's wonderful.  I really liked meeting her and playing with her at therapy this week.  I do hope I get to still see Ms. Donna when I go meet Ms. Colleen at the Center, though!

That's about all for now...have a safe week!  :) 

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  1. that is a HUGE scare...so glad that all worked out ok! love the water table! even more when it is not in my house!! yeah for walking! smiles