Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week 39 - February 17 - 23, 2011 - 38 weeks old

I've had a BIG week this week.  I've finally learned how to go from laying down to a sitting position ALL BY MYSELF, even outside of the bathtub!  (Mommy got some video of my fancy bathtub sitting up skills, which is what you see below!)  I also have managed to pull myself up to a "bent over/standing" position not once, not twice, but THREE times in the last two days.  I even did it for Ms. Audrey at school on Tuesday.  She was pretty surprised!  I can't wait to be able to move even more like the BIG kids at school in my class.  I get so frustrated when I can't seem to get somewhere and I really, really want to play with my friends at school who are movin' and groovin' all over the place!  

Kaety in the tub demonstrating her fascinating "sit up" technique...

As you can see, I have mastered the art of "the reach" and return to sitting.  I've even moved forward two pushes in a crawl position this week.  But I usually end up on my face, which isn't so much fun.  I'm sure trying though!  My next goal is actual forward movement consistently...someday...someday, I WILL crawl!   I'd also very much like to pull myself up on my standy table...I'm sure trying to do that...

We didn't do a lot this past weekend, just kept it kind of low-key because Mommy and Daddy had "housework" to do and Mommy was kind of tired.  That said, I got to try lots of new foods and I have decided that really, I just like food.  It doesn't matter what, BIG or small.  I've not found a food I don't like!  Also, our dog, Elliott likes food too.  He pretty much hangs out with me when I eat.  He must really like me, so I share with him sometimes.  Mommy got video of me eating my fish sticks, peas, carrots and pineapple at lunch this past weekend.  And you can see how Elli likes to help me!

I have also started to open and close my hand when Mommy asks me if I want some milk.  I *think* this is something that is supposed to signify that I do want milk.  Mommy does it all the time when she's giving me a bottle; she says it's the sign for milk!  So, if I do it too, does that mean I get a bottle every time?  :)

The other BIG news this week is pretty BIG. It turns out, that in late August, I'm going to be a BIG sister!  I don't know if I'm going to have a brother or a sister yet, but I'm sort of excited all the same...though I don't really like the idea of sharing my toys...who came up with that idea anyway?
Kaety finds out she's going to be a big sister...

YAYAY!  That's so exciting!

Ummm....wait a minute!  Does that mean I'm going to have to share my toys?
Whatchu talkin' about?  Can we re-think this whole thing?  Sharing toys stinks!
I can't wait for this next week when I get to see Ms. Colleen and show her all my fancy new tricks!  I hope your week is fabulous too!


  1. HUGE CONGRATS!!! yeah for you being a big sister!! awe crying tears of happy!!! you are so BIG!! sitting up look out and Kaetlyn proof the house!! I think signing has saved our lives!! Maddie has her signs and she uses them with wants and needs! it is so very comforting that I can understand her and actually have to redirect her when she is signing bath all the time!! it is her favorite thing to!! have a wonderful week!! smiles

  2. Big news indeed! Sitting and standing and new babies! You have so much good stuff going on over there... keep it up! And get ready to have lots of fun as a big sister!

  3. Yaaaaaay! Congratulations Kaetlyn! I'm sure you'll be an awesome big sister - just like the one I had. That little baby is going to be so lucky to grow up under your watchful eye. You can teach him or her all of these new skills you're learning. You go girl!

  4. Look at all the milestones she's going through - what a fun stage! Love the first picture; such a beautiful smile!

    and congrats!!! how exciting to be expecting another little one!