Sunday, February 20, 2011

WEEK 38 - February 10-16, 2011 - 37 weeks old


I had my very first Valentine's Day this past week and it was fantastic.  We had a party at school and I got to play with all the kids in my class.  Unfortunately, Mommy and Daddy didn't get to come, but I still had a fun time!

Ms. Audrey got some good video of me eating at school.  I really like french toast and cheerios and watch how I can sit at the table all by myself and scoop up food and *mostly* get it in my mouth on my own!

Daddy and Mommy are trying to make sure I practice self-feeding at home too.  I'm holding my bottle more and more...

AND...Saturday morning, Daddy gave me WAFFLES.  I love waffles.  When they were gone, I told him how much I needed more of them! 

I do love to talk.  I do it all the time.  In fact, this past week when I went to visit Dr. P to have my ears checked out (ear infection is gone!  YAY!), she remarked, "Well, at least we don't have to worry about her learning to babble!"  I made sure she had to use her outside voice to talk to my Mommy and Daddy...I was using mine as well to talk over her!!! :)

I love to talk and I love food.  In fact, I like to talk while eating my food.  That can create a mess, but Mommy and Daddy think it's funny!  I'm eating so much more these days.  I like pancakes and french toast and waffles and mandarin oranges and peaches and yogurt and blueberry pieces and spinach (I LOOOOVE spinach!) and chicken noodle soup and crackers and graham crackers and cheerios and beef stew and turkey with rice and chicken of all kinds...I'm becoming a regular foodie!  I actually prefer to try to feed myself and get frustrated when Mommy or Daddy won't let me grab the spoon.  It gets messy, but I can do it...what a big girl I am!!! :)

Until next week, have a great one! :)

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  1. looks like you had a great week! Kaetlyn is self feeding so GREAT!! and her talking is so darn cute and meaningful! Happy Love week!! smiles