Sunday, January 30, 2011

WEEK 35 - January 20 - 26, 2011 - 34 weeks old

Gramma's Here!  Gramma's Here!  This week, my Gramma Ward and Grampa Lynn came to visit and I got to spend LOTS of time playing with them at my house.  I showed off my rolling and scooching skills and demonstrated how to get up on all fours and rock back and forth.  I also showed Gramma how to play "How Big is Kaetlyn" and how to operate my standy table.  We had LOTS and LOTS of fun!  I stayed home from school a couple of days to play with Grandma and she got to learn all about changing my clothes, cleaning up "urps" and how much I like to eat!

Mommy and Daddy had a big "adult night" out for Mommy's company holiday party, so Gramma and Grampa were here to watch me that night.  Gramma gave me my bath and put me to bed and I was actually pretty good!  Mommy was a little worried because no one had ever watched me and put me to bed before, but Gramma had been here a couple of days and had seen the routine, so she gave it a whirl and it worked!  I slept really good for her and Grampa.

Mommy and Daddy all dressed up for their night on the town!

About the only thing that dampened my visit with my Gramma is that I got sick again.  That seems to be the theme for the year so far, doesn't it?  And, of course, Mommy and Daddy got sick too :(  We went to see Dr. P and she said I had a sinus infection, an ear infection (my first ever!) and pinkeye.  Well, that meant that I couldn't go to school, so I spent even more time with Gramma!  Even though I've been sick, I have to say, I remain in good spirits.  Mommy is amazed at how happy I seem to be even when I can't breathe and have eye goobers the size of Texas.  Sure, I whine a little...what kid wouldn't?  But overall, as long as someone is paying attention to me and I can play, I'm a happy girl!

While Gramma was here, we went out to eat and I showed off my newfound highchair skills.  I tried to steal some of her breakfast and play with her fork and knife, but other than that, I was really, really good :)

I was sad that my Gramma had to go.  She's a LOT of fun.  She made sure to read to me a lot and even recorded a book for me so that I can hear her voice reading to me every once in a while.  That is something I think is pretty cool! 

I am starting to feel better, so hopefully that trend will continue.  I understand this next week, I will go see another doctor about my "urping" problem.  Apparantly I'll get to play with some fancy equipment that will look inside me!  I'll be sure to tell you all about it.  Until then...have a great week!


  1. Grandma's are the BEST!! sorry to hear you are sick again...that is a bad deal! hope you start feeling better soon! I love the last pix!! Kaetlyn you are to stick'n CUTE!! smiles

  2. Just a BBC mom stopping by to visit. Hope you feel better soon, but even sick you are too cute<3

  3. Uncles Kevin and Tommy hope you feel better quick! We love you!