Sunday, January 9, 2011

WEEK 32 - December 30, 2010 - January 5, 2011 - 31 Weeks Old


Mommy and I are very late in getting our journal entry in for the past week.  Unfortunately, the year started out with our whole family being sick with an awful flu.  Mommy only took pictures ONE day this week (which, you may have noticed is highly unusual for her - she's normally camera crazy!).  I had my first-ever really high fever...for almost 3 days!  It spiked at 104.8 and I got LOTS of baths to try to cool me off, and got lots of "Little Fevers" baby fever reducer.  My Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy were all fact, Sissy had to miss her first few days of classes at school because she had a really high fever too!  Needless to say, we're all coming out the other side of it, so hopefully that will be it for a while and 2011 will shape up much nicer!

Pretty much the only "new things" for me this week (other than the fever) were spending some time eating new foods, such as teething biscuits and apples through a teething net.  I am a big fan of the biscuits, not so much for the apples.  They frustrate me (A LOT) because I can't get those yummy apple bits into my mouth!  I also tried some other new foods this week such as chicken with sweet potatoes and apples and blueberries.  I have been really picky with eating, though because I've been sick, so Mommy's going to have to see where we are next week and what I actually like!  Tally of likes to date:  Chicken - NO; Blueberries - YES!

The very frustrating apples in a net game...Mommy can be so mean!

Being as it is now 2011, we thought we should reflect on 2010.  Last Christmas (2009), Mommy and Daddy found out I was going to be blessed with this extra chromosome.  To hear them tell it, they were a little upset.  So, 2010 was a year of "what will be?" and I'm here to tell you, I've given them more than a little to be surprised about.  What did 2010 mean to me?
  • I was born.  That's pretty cool.
  • I learned how to suck down a bottle with fervor and gain lots of weight in the process...I've gone from 6 lb 4 oz to 18 lb 2 oz in just 7 months and a week!  It's helped me to grow, too...from 19" to 26.5"...that's over an inch a wonder I get cranky!
  • Rolling over.  It's cool.  You should do it.  Everyone should.  I've mastered it!
  • Sitting up.  Even cooler.  Big fan.  Especially if you can reach around and grab lots of toys to put them your mouth.  Makes it even more fun.
  • Speaking of toys, passing them hand to hand, sweeping them around the room, and playing in a jumpy seat while chewing on one are some of my favorite things.
  • I think scooching backward across the room is a divine method of transportation.  I'm going places, baby!  (If you can't scooch...roll...very effective!  Like Daddy says, "That's how I roll!")
  • Standing up while leaning against a table (with lots of lights and sound is a HUGE bonus!) or holding onto Daddy or Mommy's hands - this rocks.  I can't wait until I can do this on my own.  I'm a little impatient with this, but WOW, do I love to stand up!
Mostly, I've taught my Mommy and Daddy to expect the unexpected, to embrace the unknown, and to realize that my potential is UNENDING.  2010 has been good to us, and though 2011 has had a bit of a rough start, I'm sure it's only UP from here!  We all hope you have a GREAT year!


  1. Kaetlyn, you are a doll! You have the prettiest eyes and I love that you can wear a bow in your hair so easily!:) Happy New Year, sweetie.

  2. YeAh Kaetlyn! huge milestones for such a great girl!! I am so sorry everyone was sick..that is sooo not fun!! glad you pulled through! I look forward to a whole bunch more great things this New Year...smiles