Monday, January 17, 2011

WEEK 33 - January 6-12, 2011 - 32 weeks old

We've had an epiphany! You may have noticed in previous posts that I tend to "urp" a lot (as Ms. Audrey calls it); it's a bit of reflux that tends to happen after every bottle.  Mommy and Daddy determined that maybe something new was warranted, so this week I started on soy formula.  Daddy was allergic to milk when he was little, so it might make sense that I have the same sensitivity.  We thought at first that the "urping" was less...not completely gone, but after a few days, things at daycare got really bad and I went through FIVE outfits in one day!  So, Mommy and Daddy read that they should try rice formula.  Mommy's not sure how this will work, as pretty much anything rice causes me to have severe constipation and the soy was already doing that.  We'll have to report next week on how the belly issues are going...we're hoping we're headed in the right direction, but if we're not, Mommy says I'll have to go see Dr. Patulot.  The thing that's a little weird is I don't seem to have the problem when I eat solids, just when I have a bottle.  (However, if I have a bottle after eating solids, all bets are off!)  Because of the constipation, I've been getting juice too.  Sometimes it's so awful to go #2 that I breathe in and push and sound like a pterodactyl taking flight!  And then I cry...really really can hurt, you know.  So, we're going to have to work that problem if one of these formulas actually works out.

 This week I've started talking a LOT too.  I love to say, "alalalala" and "dadadadadadadadadadada" and combinations of the two.  I've taken to talking as I roll and scooch all over the floor and especially when I can't quite get a toy I want.  BOY, do I announce my frustration then! Mommy tried to capture my talking on video, but I get shy when the video camera is out!

I'm really really trying to crawl, but can't get the hang of going forward.  It's much harder than it looks, but I'm sure at some point I'll get it.  Ms. Colleen says I will, so it must be true!

Something really good that happened this week (at least Mommy thinks so) is that Daddy built me a fancy toy cabinet (thank you Ikea!) for the family room.  My "stuff" was starting to take over after Christmas, and Mommy was getting a little frustrated by having no place to put it.  So, Daddy built me my very own fancy toy cabinet!  Here are pictures of it...closed and open.  See how neat it is

I got to spend some time with Ms. Colleen this week.  She showed Mommy how to work on "transitions" from sitting to laying down and vice versa.  I impressed her with my ability to reach across my body and grab objects (in particular, an icee, which I LOOOOVE to chew!) and showed her how I like to stand up while holding Mommy's hands.  Ms. Colleen suggested that I should get some shoes to try to stabilize my standing up as much as possible, so Mommy's got a mission next week!  After therapy, Ms. Audrey spent lots of time with me this week working on transitions.  I'm getting good at going from sitting to the ground, and sometimes it's actually planned! :)  Also, after therapy this week, I did something REALLY amazing...I leaned up against the couch and STOOD BY MYSELF!  My Daddy didn't even have his hands on me and I was SO excited I started to wiggle and tumble forward, but caught myself and was able to stand up there for several minutes.  LOOK AT WHAT A BIG GIRL I AM!!!

Look Ma!  No Hands! :)

In addition to talking, I've been laughing A LOT.  Mommy is just SO FUNNY and she makes me giggle like nobody's business!  Here's a video of me giggling and laughing at my Mommy. 

I've been such a smiley girl.  I love to play the "How big is Kaetlyn?" game too!  Mommy and Daddy play it all the time and I just SMILE and LAUGH.  It's really one of the coolest games EVER!  Here I am playing it with Daddy...

Until next week when, hopefully, I'll report much better things with my belly...Ta Ta For Now!  Have a great week :)


  1. I wish I had some magic words of advice on the reflux, but I'm afraid I don't. I'll try to briefly share what we have been through with Sweet Pea...

    Reflux medication has been a must. The two that have worked for her have been Prevacid and she is now on Nexium.

    Formula wise, we did the Good Start Soy Plus formula and that worked pretty good. Our GI explained that because the solid food is heavier it stays down easier. It's the liquid that has such an easy time coming back up. She will often only spit up milk even if she had real food more recently.

    I was cautioned about rice milk/formula because it doesn't have the same calcium, vit D and something else that soy or real milk do. Just something to look for to ensure that she is getting proper nutrition.

    Oh, and keep her sitting up for 30 minutes after meals and drinking seems to help somewhat.

    Hope that helps! She is doing amazing and is so cute!!!! Hopefully you can get the reflux under control because I know how frustrating it can be. Sweet Pea is down to about once a day so we can handle that.

  2. Hello! I am LOVING the pink boots...such a cute pix!! I am so sorry to hear about the reflux!! Maddie has this I am sure you do use the Dr Brown (target) bottles...but if not they are worth a try they are great and really do help with the spit up...also the johnny jumper helped the Maddie...after she drank a bottle I would put her in it for a bit and she work everything out...even if she just sat there and got some upward movement (not to much) she would not puke...also the medication is not so bad...our pharmacist..makes it taste good with flavor! hope some of this helps..

  3. Hi, You're from Renton?! It's great to be able to follow someone else from WA. We're actually in Edmonds, but when I would comment on other blogs, it always listed me as Mount Vernon.

    Kaetlyn is so cute! It'll be fun to watch her grow!