Thursday, January 20, 2011

WEEK 34 - January 13-19, 2011 - 33 Weeks Old

I had a good week, despite not a lot of progress with my belly.  After a couple days on rice formula, where I was having some chunky reflux, Mommy and Daddy took me to see Dr. P.  She told them to go BACK to soy, put me on Zantac (YUCK!) and referred us to a GI specialist for a swallow study and GI review.  We're going to Children's later this month for that.  In the meantime, I'll keep taking the Zantac and trying to keep down what I can!  Thanks much to Sweet Pea's Mom and Maddie's Mom for their helpful words of encouragement.  It meant a lot to my Mommy!

Some really fun things that happened this week...

SHOPPING!  Mommy and I met Aunt Holly and Kayla at the mall and we had a really fun lunch at this place with monkeys hanging from the ceiling and LOTS of fish tanks (Rainforest Cafe).  I was fascinated by the flashing lights, but didn't really "get" the monkeys.  I DID get to sit in my VERY OWN high chair there, so that makes me a big girl.  I was really proud!  Afterward, we all went shopping and Kayla and I got some neat new clothes (lots of sales!) and I got my very first pair of NEW SHOES at Stride Rite!  Mommy thinks Ms. Colleen will be very happy with these shoes...I love them...they help me stand even better!
Kayla and I holding hands at Rainforest Cafe...  (look at me in the HIGH CHAIR!)

Aunt Holly, me and Kayla...aren't we cute?!  Everyone thought we were twins all day long!
TALKING!   Oh boy do I like to talk! This is the best video Mommy could get so far...I get quiet when the camera is around, but I'm now a Chatty Kaety...ALLLL the time!  (Sorry about the urp at the end...sometimes it just happens!)

PULLING UP!  No, I'm not doing it just yet, but I'm giving it that old "college try".  Mommy likes to tease me by putting a pacifier (most beloved chewing toy right now!) on her hip while laying on the floor with me, then I try to reach up and grab it and pull myself up on here.  I've not made it yet, but I am most certainly trying!

UP ON ALL FOURS!  No, not crawling either, but I've recently started to get up on all fours and rock back and forth.  Sometimes I get going so fast that I face-plant into the floor (or the water in the tub, where I first did it...what a surprise THAT was...good thing I like the water!).  Mommy's going to try to get video because she says it's really cute.  Now, if I could JUST get moving forward!

This week, Gramma Ward and Lynn are coming.  I'm excited to see her and get to play some!  Until later...have a great week! :)
Getting ready for a bath (which means NAKEY BABY TIME!) you can see, I enjoy this immensely!


  1. love the naked baby!! so cute...Maddie just had a swallow study done a couple of months ago...not so bad!! I think I should have left the room because I was more of a pain then Maddie! zantac is what we use and they put peppermint in it so she will take it better! Kaetlyn is doing amazing! love the stocking hat! smiles

  2. I'm glad to have helped in any small way! Sweet Pea also had a swallow study back in June and I did a little post on it that you can find here:

    My only advice would be to make sure that they do a thorough one. For Sweet Pea they didn't and a few of the SLP's that we've seen have asked questions about did they try this or that and we had to say no, because all they really did was very quickly move through a regular thickness liquid, a nectar thick and then a honey thick. They didn't try different methods of delivery (straw, open cup, etc) or anything.

    Good luck with it and I hope it provides some answers. Seeing the GI is definitely a step in the right direction since they see this stuff a lot more than most pediatricians.

    Thinking of you! I know the frustration all too well!