Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WEEK 27 - November 25 - December 1, 2010 - 26 weeks old



Mommy and Daddy cannot believe that I am 6 months old.  They say it has flown by in a blink of an eye.  We've had some trying times, but overall, it's been an easy, breezy 6 months.  Mommy says I need to stop growing so fast, but I'm ready to keep in going!

I celebrated my first Thanksgiving this past week.  I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday so far!  LOTS of food was had.  I got to see most of my Spivey family - my Uncle Allan, Aunt Barbie, Cousins Anna, Eric, Paul, Heather, Justin, and Aunt Glynnis and her boyfriend Steve.  I loved playing with them, especially Heather and my Aunt Barbie and her new dog, Sophie (like the name of my favorite toy, Sophie La Girafe, whose nose I like to eat every day!).   I ate sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie and decided that I'm a BIG fan of pie...BIG!!

I spent some time this week showing off my new sitting up skills while watching Baby Mozart and Baby Noah...
And I spent time with my Sissy while she was here, learning to play the piano - she's an aficianado! Between Sissy and my Aunt Barbie (who is a professional and a piano teacher), I'm pretty sure I'm going to play before I'm 5!

My first piano experience
I have also experienced several more foods this week.  I'm a big fan of the avocado.  As previously stated, I LOVE pumpkin pie!  I have had finger foods - apple puffs that Mommy and Daddy give me - and Baby Mum Mums that I can give myself sort of - but mostly I like Mommy to give them to me (see video below)! I've also become adept at blowing zerberts, which you can also see below.

I also had my next set of professional pictures taken this week for my 6 month birthday.  My friend, Nathania, took them of me, Sissy, Mommy and Daddy.  We should get them back next week. Mommy and Daddy are SO excited to see them!  Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling well still, so I didn't do too much smiling, but when I did, Mommy said it was like a ray of sunshine!  Hopefully next week I'll have both those AND my school pictures to share...

On Monday, I went to the doctor for my 6 month appointment (and more shots).  I didn't really like the shots so much.  Dr. P says I'm doing REALLY REALLY well despite my little cold.  She said that according to what she sees, I'm measuring right on target with most of my typical peers!  Here are my new stats that show how well I'm developing:
  • WEIGHT:  I weigh 17 pounds and 2 ounces - that's in the 75th percentile on a typical growth chart and in the 90th percentile for the Girls with DS growth chart!
  • HEIGHT:  I am 26.75 inches long - that's in the 75th percentile on a typical growth chart and in the 95th percentile for the Girls with DS growth chart!!  We're not sure how I am measuring so tall...Mommy says to keep at it though because my genes (her genes!) are working against me :)
  • HEAD:  My head is 16 cm around - that's in the 45th percentile on a typical chart (no DS chart to compare to).  Mommy says I have a little head like her!
Right now, I'm meeting all the milestones of my typical peers with the one exception that I don't yet consciously pass a toy from hand to hand (it has to stop at my mouth first!), so we think that's pretty fantastic.  Dr. P. says she can see tooth buds on my bottom gums, which is why they're so darned sore all the time!  It won't be long now, Mommy thinks!

I also met with Ms. Colleen this week.  She said, "Will you look at her sitting!  It's not long now before she'll be army crawling!"  I think she was impressed.  AND I stayed awake for the WHOLE visit - YAY ME!  At the end, I got cranky because I was SUPER hungry.  Mommy says I have an "ON/OFF" switch - there's no warning...I just get hungry and implode.  At least that's what she thinks!  Ms. Colleen also watched me eating because Mommy is concerned about my tongue thrusting, though I seem to be doing MUCH MUCH better.  She had some suggestions, though said it really isn't that bad.  Go figure, every time Mommy says, "Can we work on this..." the next time we meet, I've got it mastered.  I keep telling Mommy I'll do it all in my own time...she just needs to learn patience!!  Anyway, Ms. Colleen is going to make me a foam insert for my chair at school to help me with sitting while eating so I don't have to focus so much on the sitting and can concentrate more on the that's my style!

OH!  I almost forgot!  I met SANTA CLAUS this week!  Yessirree Bob, I got to sit on the Big Man's lap my very own self!  I went with my friend Kayla (remember, she had heart surgery at the end of last month...I'm happy to report she's doing STELLAR now!).  We played while Mommy and Holly shopped and then went to have a picture with Santa.  We had to do a couple of takes because, honestly, I looked like a line-backer in the sweater I wore the first few pictures.  I think the one we chose turned out really nice.  I hope you do too!

Until next week...hope you have a good one :)


  1. You are doing AMAZING, Kaetlyn!!!! I can't believe how much you are doing at your young age... and SO big! Braska wasn't your size til she was over 18 months! Keep up the good work, girl! Your mommy is definitely doing all the right stuff!

  2. WOWSA!! you have a big girl on your hands!! Happy Holidays!! smiles

  3. She is doing amazing! Thank you for finding my blog so that I could find yours!