Saturday, December 18, 2010

WEEK 29 - December 8 - 15, 2010 - 28 weeks old

I've had a good week this week, though I've been a little under-the-weather.  The week started with me all dressed up in my VERY FIRST frilly tutu skirt from my wonderful cousin Leia!  I was the talk of school in my fancy outfit.  Mommy told Daddy we're going to have a lot of tutus as I get older! :)

During the week, the cold I've had for a while now got worse and I started coughing like there was a seal in my throat, so Mommy and Daddy took me back to the dr.  They said I have an upper respiratory infection and put me on my very first antibiotic, Azythromycin.  It's a very thick pink liquid, and I actually like the taste of it!  At the doctor, they weighed me and I am 17 lb, 4 oz!  Mommy says I'm getting heavy to cart around in my carseat!

This week at school I got to play some fun rolling and scooching games and did some art projects in preparation for the classroom holiday party where all the parents got to come for a pot-luck lunch.  I made a really pretty picture for my parents using paint and then we painted on bubble wrap so we could feel new textures.  Mostly, Ms Audrey said I was interested in watching the paint drop from the paint tube and then feeling it goop between my hands...Mommy thinks this might bode well for my ability to help with cooking!

I got to spend time with Ms. Colleen this week too.  I won't get to see her again until the New Year, so she worked me hard, trying to teach me all about transitioning from sitting to the floor and back up again.  I was ok with all the work until she tried to take my chewy toy away...that did not please me.  I really have to have things in my mouth at ALL times because my teeth hurt so much.  A girl needs to have things that comfort her especially when she's teething!  That said, we had a good session with Ms. Colleen and I'm getting more and more comfortable when she puts me in a crawling position.  If only I could move my hands and legs by myself, I could really go places!!

Mommy and Daddy got my 6-month pictures and our Christmas pictures in and they turned out FABULOUS.  Mommy decided that we should post a couple of her favorites here for everyone to see.
Playing innocent...


Sweet Angel

My Sissy and Me


I'm telling Mommy and Daddy a story...

One other big event for the week was that I got to meet my Aunt Terri, who was my Mommy's best friend in high school.  She came into town visiting some of her other friends and came to stay with us for one day.  My Mommy hadn't seen Aunt Terri for 21 years (Mom says that's a long time...).  I really loved meeting her...she is super nice and played with me and even bought me a Starbucks bear!  I hope she comes back to visit and it doesn't take another 21 years!

Me and Aunt Terri
Finally, I'm getting really fond of baths every night.  I'm starting to splish and splash and I'm really into those books you can take into the tub.  Not only are they fun to hear Mommy read to me, they are quite nice to chew on to soothe tooth pain!  Daddy and Mommy are going to try to get video, but in the meantime, thought I should share this picture of my crazy hair's getting really long...

Have a good week!


  1. How cute is she?! I bet she's going to love having tutu's around as she gets older!

  2. That is an extremely cue tutu! I want one, and I'm 23, lol! :D

  3. what a busy week!! those pix are sooo great!! WOW! and that tutu skirt is so darn cute!! I have to find one...just to watch Maddie bear crawl in it!! Hope Kaetlyn continues to feel better!! Happy Holidays!! smiles