Thursday, December 23, 2010

WEEK 30 - December 16 - 22, 2010 - 29 weeks old

 Hello there! 

I had a little bit of a rough start to the week.  The day Aunt Terri was here, daycare called my Mommy and Daddy and told them my hands and feet were PURPLE!  When I was a little baby (ok, a bit littler than I am now), my hands and feet would turn purple when I was cold, but that hasn't happened in a really long time.  So Daddy and Mommy called the doctor and they said to take me off the Azythromycin.  Daddy took me to the doctor and they determined I was just getting cold at school because I keep taking my socks off and the teachers can't keep them on me!  So, Mommy has been putting me in tights for school, which I find very frustrating, but at least I don't seem to be turning purple anymore.  Unfortunately, as a result, I missed a couple days of antibiotics and I started to get worse again, my cough came back and I'm VERY stuffy.  So, back on the antibiotics I went.  I sure hope I get better before next week when we head to Florida for Christmas and get to see all the family!

Despite not starting out the week so well, things seem to be looking up!  I got to ride my very first pony this past weekend!  My cousin, Sarah, is a professional horse trainer and decided it was high-time for me to get on a pony.  Mommy wasn't sure because she thought I might be too young, but I told her I'm a big girl!  We went down to Sarah's barn and I met the pony, "Sprite."
Meeting Sprite

I was able to sit on "Sprite" who was a pretty big pony.  I enjoyed sitting on her, but mostly I thought licking the saddle horn was scrumpdillicious! :)
Saddlehorns are salty!

Big girl on a pony, sporting my first ponytails!

Mommy also got pictures back from Ms. Audrey that they used to help decorate for our Christmas party last week.  I had the most fun dressing up for Christmas, as you can see...mostly I just really like being nakey-butt with antlers on :).  These are some of Mommy's FAVORITE pictures of me!

We are headed to Grandpa's house in Florida for Christmas, so I got to open some of my very first Christmas presents before we left...
Opening first Christmas presents with Mommy's help
I'm sure I'll have lots of adventures to share from Florida!  They tell me the big guy is going to come visit and will bring me even MORE presents at Grandpa's house.  I'm pretty excited!  Have a wonderful Christmas and I'll let you know all about mine next week...Ta Ta! :)


  1. OK that is the CUTEST pix ever!!! reindeer antlers..I love it!! also the horse riding and pig tails are just to much!! Maddie's feet and hands turn purple also..strange...and it is when she gets cold...we just rub them and they get better...Have a GREAT Christmas...smiles

  2. Happy Holiday Kaetlyn! We did have a rough week leading toward the break. :( It only makes us enjoy it that much more, huh? I hope the warm air does your little body good! Have fun in the sun and show me tons of new tricks when we get back!

  3. Kaetlyn - what a beautiful face you have! It brings tears to my eyes. I can't decide which is cuter - you with pig tails or you with reindeer antlers. How does your Mommy handle having so much cuteness at her house all the time???