Sunday, November 28, 2010

WEEK 26 - November 18-24 - 25 Weeks Old

HELLOOOOO!!!!  It's been a mostly wonderful week.  Mommy tells me it's the week before a big holiday where we eat a lot of food.  I'm IN!  I Looooove Food! :)  Unfortunately for me (and my Mommy and Daddy), it was also the first time I have ever been sick, and it was at the time of the biggest snowfall/ice storm in Seattle before Thanksgiving on record!

Sick girl sleeping in Mommy's arms

It got COLD...Very Very COLD this week.  Seattle saw temperatures dip into the teens and we got over 4 inches of snow at my house.  Seattle traffic was NUTS and some people were waiting on the freeway to get home for over 7 hours!  Mommy felt lucky because, unfortunately (or fortunately), I was home sick that day, and she was with me, so she missed out on all the freeway antics :)  I had been feeling poorly all weekend, and then Sunday night I had a fever most of the night.  Mommy called to take me to the doctor, but they closed before I could get in there due to snow.  Fortunately, my fever subsided and mostly I'm just left a very stuffy girl.  Mommy keeps sucking green goo out of my nose with the blue bulb from the hospital.  Because of this, I've been pretty fussy and will only nap when Mommy or Daddy is holding me!  Well, almost.  I also had several instances where I fell asleep playing.  I was hoping nobody noticed, but Mommy got a picture.  I was desperately trying NOT to fall asleep, but when you're not feeling well and you've got a lot of stimulation, sometimes it's just necessary to close your eyes for a brief moment.  This is what happened in the following picture.  I *promise* it was only briefly! :)

Despite my sickness, I've had some really nifty events this week.  I saw and tasted my first snow!  We don't have pictures because I was outside for about .02 seconds because I've been sick and Mommy was afraid I'd get sicker.  I also got to sit in front of my first fire.  What a FUN thing!  It's very warm and I'm fascinated by the bright, flickering lights.  Daddy says the picture below looks like I have a halo like an Angel and he loves it! :)
Kaety's first fire

You might notice in the above picture that I am SITTING BY MYSELF!!!!  It only happens in about 10-15 second spurts, but hey, this is big news! I fall forward a little at the end, but I am starting to use my hands to balance and if I'm really entranced (by a fire or a toy), I can sit for almost a full minute without support.  I really like to lets me see the world from a whole new angle and I get quite smiley doing so...!

In other big news this week, I've found Daddy's beard!  That's right folks, I am absolutely entranced by Daddy's facial hair.  I like to run my fingers over it, pull on it, suck on it, and play with it.  Daddy calls it "Beard Patrol."  Mommy and Daddy think it's funny, but mostly, I just think it's soft and fun to pluck on!

Despite the fact that I have felt pretty ickky, I have been a smiley girl most of the week. Part of that may be that my Sissy came home from college to hang out with me in preparation for this big eating holiday (which I cannot wait to have!), or it could just be that I'm generally a pretty genial sort of gal...either way, it's been a good week and I feel pretty happy (as you can see below) to have my family around, fresh snow, warm fireplaces, fun toys, and crazy dogs.

I really love my Sissy...she's AMAZING!
So, until next week, when I get to experience big food, lots of family and more...and hopefully I'll be as smiley, as I'm having more pictures taken with my photographer friend, Nathania...TTFN (or, as Tigger says, "Ta Ta For Now!") 

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  1. what a big girl!! sitting up!! YEAH!! sorry to hear you have been so sick! not fun...but those are such CUTE pix!! feel better...smiles