Thursday, November 18, 2010

WEEK 25 - November 11-17, 2010 - 24 weeks old

All good things must come to an end, so did our Hawaiian vacation.  BUT, I did have so much fun.  Before we left, we spent Veteran's Day in Hawaii and that day, we went to a place called Waimea Falls State Park.  On the way there, we got stopped by a parade and so I got to see my very first parade (from the car)! 

We hiked up to the falls (I got to ride on my Daddy) and my Mommy and Uncles went swimming in the VERY cold water and under the waterfall.

On the way up to the waterfall...
Sittin' w/ Daddy at the waterfall...
We also had one final family dinner before we all went our separate we are at a very fancy restaurant at the base of a big mountain called Diamond Head.
Dinner at Hoku's
The last night we were there, I got to meet one of my Mommy's oldest, dearest friends, Aunt Patty.  She is such a fantastic lady.  We went with her to a Japanese Temple, down to Lanikai Beach, and over to her very cute house to see all her fun beachy things.  I hope when we go back next year, we'll get to spend more time with her.  She's very snuggly!
Me and Aunt Patty
When we got home, Mommy commented how all of a sudden, it's winter in Seattle!  When we left, it felt like Fall; when we returned, it was cold, rainy and gray...and has been pretty much since then!

Since I've been back, I got to go back to school and tell all my friends about my trip as well as play with Ms. Audrey...I really missed her!  I also had therapy with Ms. Colleen.  Ms. Colleen was so pleased with how well I'm doing on sitting...I think she was actually a little shocked.  I'm not steady, mind you, but I can sit and play with toys on my own without "folding over" for almost a minute before I completely fall over.  I think the seating support that Ms. Audrey bought for me to use at school has helped me immensely.  This week we're going to work on "transitioning" from sitting to the ground and vice versa and Daddy and Mommy are going to spend some more time working with me on eating solids.  I'm pretty persnickety about them and am learning to clamp my mouth shut rather than open it when food comes at me.  Except for cupcakes and pie...I always open my mouth for those.  I'm not completely uninterested in solids!!! :)
Practicing sitting at home...

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