Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WEEK 24 - November 4-10, 2010 - 23 weeks old

This week started my very first HAWAIIAN VACATION!  Let me warn you up front that there are tons of pictures and Mommy only let me put a select few up here.  I was probably the most photographed baby in all of Hawaii this past week!

To get to Hawaii, we had to fly on a big plane.  Once again, Mommy and Daddy were reminded how lucky they are, as I'm SUCH a good traveller.   I did GREAT on the plane.  I ate and slept and played (and puked...Mommy needs to remember to bring clean shirts for herself, not just for me when we go on plane rides!).  Here's a picture of Sissy, Mommy and Me waiting for the plane...
We made it to Hawaii in the afternoon and then went shopping for food for our condo at the Ko'Olina Beach Club.  My Sissy went to play with cousins who were already there.  I was surprisingly good on our shopping fact, as always, Mommy and Daddy were amazed by me!

The first night, we went to bed really early because we were all so tired.  The time in Hawaii is different from Seattle, so I got up at 4 a.m. Hawaii time.  Mommy and Daddy were SOOOO happy about that!  <insert sarcasm here!> Mommy laughed because I apparantly slept REALLY well...I had some good baby bedhead!

So, Mommy hopped in the tub with me, cleaned me up and I started the day looking respectable.

I got to experience all kinds of new things on this trip - my first touch (and taste!) of sand, my first time going in the ocean, my first time in a get the drift.  My first time on the beach, I really wasn't sure what all that gritty stuff was on my legs.  I was pretty skeptical about why Mommy was so excited to be standing in sand, but I did go with the flow.

Once I got used to the sand a little more, I realized it might actually be fun to put my hands in it and then put them in my mouth.  Now, that was fun and quite interesting!
Then, came the water.  Let me tell you, it was COLD.  But I thought the sand/water combination was really much better than the dry sand and I decided playing in it was not so bad after all!

After my foray into the ocean, Mommy and Daddy decided hitting the pool might be nice.  We spent a lot of time at the pool because there was less sand for me to eat, the water was warmer, and there was more shade than at the beach.  One of the pools does have a "sand" end for all the kids to play in.  The sand is a little more coarse than at the beach, but I actually enjoyed this a lot and got to play in the pool sand and a little warmer water for a while. 
Mommy, Grandpa Ward and me in the "sand" pool...
Mommy and Daddy also bought me a "floaty" to use in the pool.  I have gotten to the point where I really like being in the floaty and love to play in the pool and watch the big kids go down the water slide and play.
Daddy and Me in my floaty
I even have my own sunshade on my float!

Daddy and Me - love my floaty!

Man, this is SUCH FUN!
Though I enjoy the pool and relaxing by it, we did get to spend some time on the beach.  My Grandpa and Uncles built a "fort" for me so I would have shade to lay under while at the beach and they gave me a towel to lay on so I didn't get completely covered with sand!

Grandpa and me having a conversation on the beach in my "fort"
Mommy and Daddy cooked a lot of good food for us this week (I didn't really get to eat any, but they say it was good!), but we also went out to eat a lot, especially for lunch.  It was fun to go out and Mommy even dressed up like me one day...
I'm really enjoying the Hawaii life!  I'll get to be here part of next week and meet some more of Mommy's old friends before I have to go back to Seattle (and the rain!)...I'll tell more adventures then!  Ta Ta For Now!!


  1. Oh, that smile just melts my heart- she is beautiful! I am jealous, we were supposed to go to Hawaii this year, but it didn't pan out.
    Looks like so much fun!!

  2. GREAT pix LOVE the baby blues!!...looks like a wonderful time!! glad you are all back safe and sound!! smiles