Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Phone calls, Dr. visits, family fun and falling down...November 5-11, 2011

Kaetlyn's Thoughts
My Sissy visited this week!  I looove playing with her.  That really is the biggest news.  She is the most fun ever!!

In other news, we had school pictures come in.  I didn't flash my 100-watt Kaety smile, but I still look cute...what do you think?

My biggest thing of late is playing "phone" at all times and with any toy available.  Mrs. Linda got a lot of pictures of me playing "phone" at school this week...
Making calls...


Relaxin' while callin'

Then Mommy got some pictures of me playing "phone" at home (notice the absense of an actual phone here!)

I am becoming particularly agile - I like to climb on things.  EVERYTHING. I really like to push my table toy over to the coffee table or a chair and climb up on it to get on the coffee table or chair.  I think when Mommy or Daddy tells me "no", it is funny.  They don't!

Finally, the week ended on a bittersweet note.  Going into school on Friday, I fell out of the stroller Mommy uses to take me and Gracie into school.  She uses the stroller because I can't walk into school holding her hand yet, and carrying both Gracie and me is difficult.  Unfortunately, Friday morning, Mommy forgot to strap me into the stroller and I was jumping around and fell out the front of the stroller.  I hurt my face a little bit.  It bled a LOT.  BUT, Ms. Teresa at school let me have a popsicle and Ms. Audrey let me come play in her room while Mommy "composed" herself (she was crying almost as much as me!).  It looks kind of bad...

But later that day, I proved that maybe I am getting close to NOT needing the stroller.  I WALKED ALL OVER at school, holding one hand (Mrs. Linda's) and then I walked WITHOUT holding hands between Mrs. Linda and Ms. Audrey (I love them!).  When I got home, I showed my skills to Aunt Rachel too...I'm getting close!!!

All that exercise can be exhausting!

Gracie's Perspective
This was a big week for me...I had my TWO MONTH visit to Dr. P.  All went well until the end...do you know they give you SHOTS at two months!?  That is SO uncool!  I did not like the shots, but I did like the doctor.  I smiled a lot at her...she was funny!  At the appointment, we found out that I'm a lot bigger than Kaety was at this age.  I am a full pound and a quarter heavier and 1 1/2 inches longer than Kaety was...but our heads are the same size! :)  I am now 11 pounds, 15 ounces and 22 3/4 inches long!  My head is 15 1/4" in circumference.

Unfortunately, on top of the shots, I've had a cold most of the week, which means I've done a LOT of sleeping...everywhere...

Fortunately, I've also done a lot of cooing and smiling when I'm awake.  Mommy says I'm a pretty spectacular baby! :)

I love to smile!!

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